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const (
	DefaultBaseURI = original.DefaultBaseURI


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func UserAgent

func UserAgent() string

func Version

func Version() string


type BaseClient

type BaseClient = original.BaseClient

func New

func New(subscriptionID string) BaseClient

func NewWithBaseURI

func NewWithBaseURI(baseURI string, subscriptionID string) BaseClient

type Client

type Client = original.Client

func NewClient

func NewClient(subscriptionID string) Client

func NewClientWithBaseURI

func NewClientWithBaseURI(baseURI string, subscriptionID string) Client

type CorsSettings

type CorsSettings = original.CorsSettings

type CreateOrUpdateFuture

type CreateOrUpdateFuture = original.CreateOrUpdateFuture

type CreateOrUpdateProperties

type CreateOrUpdateProperties = original.CreateOrUpdateProperties

type CreateParameters

type CreateParameters = original.CreateParameters

type DeleteFuture

type DeleteFuture = original.DeleteFuture

type Dimension

type Dimension = original.Dimension

type Feature

type Feature = original.Feature

type KeyType

type KeyType = original.KeyType
const (
	Primary   KeyType = original.Primary
	Secondary KeyType = original.Secondary

func PossibleKeyTypeValues

func PossibleKeyTypeValues() []KeyType

type Keys

type Keys = original.Keys

type MetricSpecification

type MetricSpecification = original.MetricSpecification

type NameAvailability

type NameAvailability = original.NameAvailability

type NameAvailabilityParameters

type NameAvailabilityParameters = original.NameAvailabilityParameters

type Operation

type Operation = original.Operation

type OperationDisplay

type OperationDisplay = original.OperationDisplay

type OperationList

type OperationList = original.OperationList

type OperationListIterator

type OperationListIterator = original.OperationListIterator

func NewOperationListIterator

func NewOperationListIterator(page OperationListPage) OperationListIterator

type OperationListPage

type OperationListPage = original.OperationListPage

func NewOperationListPage

func NewOperationListPage(getNextPage func(context.Context, OperationList) (OperationList, error)) OperationListPage

type OperationProperties

type OperationProperties = original.OperationProperties

type OperationsClient

type OperationsClient = original.OperationsClient

func NewOperationsClient

func NewOperationsClient(subscriptionID string) OperationsClient

func NewOperationsClientWithBaseURI

func NewOperationsClientWithBaseURI(baseURI string, subscriptionID string) OperationsClient

type Properties

type Properties = original.Properties

type RegenerateKeyFuture

type RegenerateKeyFuture = original.RegenerateKeyFuture

type RegenerateKeyParameters

type RegenerateKeyParameters = original.RegenerateKeyParameters

type Resource

type Resource = original.Resource

type ResourceList

type ResourceList = original.ResourceList

type ResourceListIterator

type ResourceListIterator = original.ResourceListIterator

func NewResourceListIterator

func NewResourceListIterator(page ResourceListPage) ResourceListIterator

type ResourceListPage

type ResourceListPage = original.ResourceListPage

func NewResourceListPage

func NewResourceListPage(getNextPage func(context.Context, ResourceList) (ResourceList, error)) ResourceListPage

type ResourceSku

type ResourceSku = original.ResourceSku

type ResourceType

type ResourceType = original.ResourceType

type RestartFuture

type RestartFuture = original.RestartFuture

type ServiceSpecification

type ServiceSpecification = original.ServiceSpecification

type SkuTier

type SkuTier = original.SkuTier
const (
	Basic    SkuTier = original.Basic
	Free     SkuTier = original.Free
	Premium  SkuTier = original.Premium
	Standard SkuTier = original.Standard

func PossibleSkuTierValues

func PossibleSkuTierValues() []SkuTier

type TrackedResource

type TrackedResource = original.TrackedResource

type UpdateFuture

type UpdateFuture = original.UpdateFuture

type UpdateParameters

type UpdateParameters = original.UpdateParameters

type Usage

type Usage = original.Usage

type UsageList

type UsageList = original.UsageList

type UsageListIterator

type UsageListIterator = original.UsageListIterator

func NewUsageListIterator

func NewUsageListIterator(page UsageListPage) UsageListIterator

type UsageListPage

type UsageListPage = original.UsageListPage

func NewUsageListPage

func NewUsageListPage(getNextPage func(context.Context, UsageList) (UsageList, error)) UsageListPage

type UsageName

type UsageName = original.UsageName

type UsagesClient

type UsagesClient = original.UsagesClient

func NewUsagesClient

func NewUsagesClient(subscriptionID string) UsagesClient

func NewUsagesClientWithBaseURI

func NewUsagesClientWithBaseURI(baseURI string, subscriptionID string) UsagesClient

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