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Package backup implements the Azure ARM Backup service API version 2016-12-01.

Open API 2.0 Specs for Azure RecoveryServices Backup service



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const (
	// DefaultBaseURI is the default URI used for the service Backup
	DefaultBaseURI = ""


This section is empty.


func UserAgent

func UserAgent() string

UserAgent returns the UserAgent string to use when sending http.Requests.

func Version

func Version() string

Version returns the semantic version (see of the client.


type AzureBackupServerContainer

type AzureBackupServerContainer struct {
	// CanReRegister - Specifies whether the container is re-registrable.
	CanReRegister *bool `json:"canReRegister,omitempty"`
	// ContainerID - ID of container.
	ContainerID *string `json:"containerId,omitempty"`
	// ProtectedItemCount - Number of protected items in the BackupEngine
	ProtectedItemCount *int64 `json:"protectedItemCount,omitempty"`
	// DpmAgentVersion - Backup engine Agent version
	DpmAgentVersion *string `json:"dpmAgentVersion,omitempty"`
	// DpmServers - List of BackupEngines protecting the container
	DpmServers *[]string `json:"dpmServers,omitempty"`
	// UpgradeAvailable - To check if upgrade available
	UpgradeAvailable *bool `json:"upgradeAvailable,omitempty"`
	// ProtectionStatus - Protection status of the container.
	ProtectionStatus *string `json:"protectionStatus,omitempty"`
	// ExtendedInfo - Extended Info of the container.
	ExtendedInfo *DPMContainerExtendedInfo `json:"extendedInfo,omitempty"`
	// FriendlyName - Friendly name of the container.
	FriendlyName *string `json:"friendlyName,omitempty"`
	// BackupManagementType - Type of backup management for the container. Possible values include: 'ManagementTypeInvalid', 'ManagementTypeAzureIaasVM', 'ManagementTypeMAB', 'ManagementTypeDPM', 'ManagementTypeAzureBackupServer', 'ManagementTypeAzureSQL', 'ManagementTypeAzureStorage', 'ManagementTypeAzureWorkload', 'ManagementTypeDefaultBackup'
	BackupManagementType ManagementType `json:"backupManagementType,omitempty"`
	// RegistrationStatus - Status of registration of the container with the Recovery Services Vault.
	RegistrationStatus *string `json:"registrationStatus,omitempty"`
	// HealthStatus - Status of health of the container.
	HealthStatus *string `json:"healthStatus,omitempty"`
	// ContainerType - Possible values include: 'ContainerTypeProtectionContainer', 'ContainerTypeAzureBackupServerContainer1', 'ContainerTypeMicrosoftClassicComputevirtualMachines', 'ContainerTypeMicrosoftComputevirtualMachines', 'ContainerTypeSQLAGWorkLoadContainer1', 'ContainerTypeAzureSQLContainer1', 'ContainerTypeStorageContainer1', 'ContainerTypeVMAppContainer1', 'ContainerTypeAzureWorkloadContainer', 'ContainerTypeDPMContainer1', 'ContainerTypeGenericContainer1', 'ContainerTypeIaaSVMContainer', 'ContainerTypeWindows1'
	ContainerType ContainerTypeBasicProtectionContainer `json:"containerType,omitempty"`

AzureBackupServerContainer azureBackupServer (DPMVenus) workload-specific protection container.

func (AzureBackupServerContainer)