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const (
	DefaultEndpoint = original.DefaultEndpoint


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func UserAgent

func UserAgent() string

func Version

func Version() string


type Action

type Action = original.Action

type Answer

type Answer = original.Answer

type BaseClient

type BaseClient = original.BaseClient

func New

func New() BaseClient

func NewWithoutDefaults

func NewWithoutDefaults(endpoint string) BaseClient

type BasicAction

type BasicAction = original.BasicAction

type BasicAnswer

type BasicAnswer = original.BasicAnswer

type BasicCreativeWork

type BasicCreativeWork = original.BasicCreativeWork

type BasicError

type BasicError = original.BasicError

type BasicIdentifiable

type BasicIdentifiable = original.BasicIdentifiable

type BasicQueryContext

type BasicQueryContext = original.BasicQueryContext

type BasicResponse

type BasicResponse = original.BasicResponse

type BasicResponseBase

type BasicResponseBase = original.BasicResponseBase

type BasicSearchResultsAnswer

type BasicSearchResultsAnswer = original.BasicSearchResultsAnswer

type BasicSuggestionsSuggestionGroup

type BasicSuggestionsSuggestionGroup = original.BasicSuggestionsSuggestionGroup

type BasicThing

type BasicThing = original.BasicThing

type CreativeWork

type CreativeWork = original.CreativeWork

type Error

type Error = original.Error

type ErrorCode

type ErrorCode = original.ErrorCode
const (
	InsufficientAuthorization ErrorCode = original.InsufficientAuthorization
	InvalidAuthorization      ErrorCode = original.InvalidAuthorization
	InvalidRequest            ErrorCode = original.InvalidRequest
	None                      ErrorCode = original.None
	RateLimitExceeded         ErrorCode = original.RateLimitExceeded
	ServerError               ErrorCode = original.ServerError

func PossibleErrorCodeValues

func PossibleErrorCodeValues() []ErrorCode

type ErrorResponse

type ErrorResponse = original.ErrorResponse

type Identifiable

type Identifiable = original.Identifiable

type QueryContext

type QueryContext = original.QueryContext

type Response

type Response = original.Response

type ResponseBase

type ResponseBase = original.ResponseBase

type ResponseFormat

type ResponseFormat = original.ResponseFormat

func PossibleResponseFormatValues

func PossibleResponseFormatValues() []ResponseFormat

type SafeSearch

type SafeSearch = original.SafeSearch

func PossibleSafeSearchValues

func PossibleSafeSearchValues() []SafeSearch

type ScenarioType

type ScenarioType = original.ScenarioType

func PossibleScenarioTypeValues

func PossibleScenarioTypeValues() []ScenarioType

type SearchAction

type SearchAction = original.SearchAction

type SearchKind

type SearchKind = original.SearchKind

func PossibleSearchKindValues

func PossibleSearchKindValues() []SearchKind

type SearchResultsAnswer

type SearchResultsAnswer = original.SearchResultsAnswer

type Suggestions

type Suggestions = original.Suggestions

type SuggestionsSuggestionGroup

type SuggestionsSuggestionGroup = original.SuggestionsSuggestionGroup

type Thing

type Thing = original.Thing

type Type

type Type = original.Type
const (
	TypeSuggestionsSuggestionGroup Type = original.TypeSuggestionsSuggestionGroup

func PossibleTypeValues

func PossibleTypeValues() []Type

type TypeBasicError

type TypeBasicError = original.TypeBasicError
const (
	TypeError TypeBasicError = original.TypeError

func PossibleTypeBasicErrorValues

func PossibleTypeBasicErrorValues() []TypeBasicError

type TypeBasicQueryContext

type TypeBasicQueryContext = original.TypeBasicQueryContext
const (
	TypeQueryContext TypeBasicQueryContext = original.TypeQueryContext

func PossibleTypeBasicQueryContextValues

func PossibleTypeBasicQueryContextValues() []TypeBasicQueryContext

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