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func UserAgent

func UserAgent() string

func Version

func Version() string


type ActiveLearningSettingsDTO

type ActiveLearningSettingsDTO = original.ActiveLearningSettingsDTO

type AlterationsClient

type AlterationsClient = original.AlterationsClient

func NewAlterationsClient

func NewAlterationsClient(endpoint string) AlterationsClient

type AlterationsDTO

type AlterationsDTO = original.AlterationsDTO

type BaseClient

type BaseClient = original.BaseClient

func New

func New(endpoint string) BaseClient

func NewWithoutDefaults

func NewWithoutDefaults(endpoint string) BaseClient

type ContextDTO

type ContextDTO = original.ContextDTO

type CreateKbDTO

type CreateKbDTO = original.CreateKbDTO

type CreateKbInputDTO

type CreateKbInputDTO = original.CreateKbInputDTO

type DeleteKbContentsDTO

type DeleteKbContentsDTO = original.DeleteKbContentsDTO

type EndpointKeysClient

type EndpointKeysClient = original.EndpointKeysClient

func NewEndpointKeysClient

func NewEndpointKeysClient(endpoint string) EndpointKeysClient

type EndpointKeysDTO

type EndpointKeysDTO = original.EndpointKeysDTO

type EndpointSettingsClient

type EndpointSettingsClient = original.EndpointSettingsClient

func NewEndpointSettingsClient

func NewEndpointSettingsClient(endpoint string) EndpointSettingsClient

type EndpointSettingsDTO

type EndpointSettingsDTO = original.EndpointSettingsDTO

type EndpointSettingsDTOActiveLearning

type EndpointSettingsDTOActiveLearning = original.EndpointSettingsDTOActiveLearning

type EnvironmentType

type EnvironmentType = original.EnvironmentType

func PossibleEnvironmentTypeValues

func PossibleEnvironmentTypeValues() []EnvironmentType

type Error

type Error = original.Error

type ErrorResponse

type ErrorResponse = original.ErrorResponse

type ErrorResponseError

type ErrorResponseError = original.ErrorResponseError

type FileDTO

type FileDTO = original.FileDTO

type InnerErrorModel

type InnerErrorModel = original.InnerErrorModel

type KnowledgebaseClient

type KnowledgebaseClient = original.KnowledgebaseClient

func NewKnowledgebaseClient

func NewKnowledgebaseClient(endpoint string) KnowledgebaseClient

type KnowledgebaseDTO

type KnowledgebaseDTO = original.KnowledgebaseDTO

type KnowledgebasesDTO

type KnowledgebasesDTO = original.KnowledgebasesDTO

type MetadataDTO

type MetadataDTO = original.MetadataDTO

type Operation

type Operation = original.Operation

type OperationsClient

type OperationsClient = original.OperationsClient

func NewOperationsClient

func NewOperationsClient(endpoint string) OperationsClient

type PromptDTO

type PromptDTO = original.PromptDTO

type PromptDTOQna

type PromptDTOQna = original.PromptDTOQna

type QnADTO

type QnADTO = original.QnADTO

type QnADTOContext

type QnADTOContext = original.QnADTOContext

type QnADocumentsDTO

type QnADocumentsDTO = original.QnADocumentsDTO

type ReplaceKbDTO

type ReplaceKbDTO = original.ReplaceKbDTO

type String

type String = original.String

type UpdateContextDTO

type UpdateContextDTO = original.UpdateContextDTO

type UpdateKbContentsDTO

type UpdateKbContentsDTO = original.UpdateKbContentsDTO

type UpdateKbOperationDTO

type UpdateKbOperationDTO = original.UpdateKbOperationDTO

type UpdateKbOperationDTOAdd

type UpdateKbOperationDTOAdd = original.UpdateKbOperationDTOAdd

type UpdateKbOperationDTODelete

type UpdateKbOperationDTODelete = original.UpdateKbOperationDTODelete

type UpdateKbOperationDTOUpdate

type UpdateKbOperationDTOUpdate = original.UpdateKbOperationDTOUpdate

type UpdateMetadataDTO

type UpdateMetadataDTO = original.UpdateMetadataDTO

type UpdateQnaDTO

type UpdateQnaDTO = original.UpdateQnaDTO

type UpdateQnaDTOContext

type UpdateQnaDTOContext = original.UpdateQnaDTOContext

type UpdateQnaDTOMetadata

type UpdateQnaDTOMetadata = original.UpdateQnaDTOMetadata

type UpdateQnaDTOQuestions

type UpdateQnaDTOQuestions = original.UpdateQnaDTOQuestions

type UpdateQuestionsDTO

type UpdateQuestionsDTO = original.UpdateQuestionsDTO

type WordAlterationsDTO

type WordAlterationsDTO = original.WordAlterationsDTO

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