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Package compute implements the Azure ARM Compute service API version .

Compute Client



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const (
	// DefaultBaseURI is the default URI used for the service Compute
	DefaultBaseURI = ""


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func UserAgent

func UserAgent() string

UserAgent returns the UserAgent string to use when sending http.Requests.

func Version

func Version() string

Version returns the semantic version (see of the client.


type APIEntityReference

type APIEntityReference struct {
	// ID - The ARM resource id in the form of /subscriptions/{SubscriptionId}/resourceGroups/{ResourceGroupName}/...
	ID *string `json:"id,omitempty"`

APIEntityReference the API entity reference.

type APIError

type APIError struct {
	// Details - The Api error details
	Details *[]APIErrorBase `json:"details,omitempty"`
	// Innererror - The Api inner error
	Innererror *InnerError `json:"innererror,omitempty"`
	// Code - The error code.
	Code *string `json:"code,omitempty"`
	// Target - The target of the particular error.
	Target *string `json:"target,omitempty"`
	// Message - The error message.
	Message *string `json:"message,omitempty"`

APIError api error.

type APIErrorBase

type APIErrorBase struct {
	// Code - The error code.
	Code *string `json:"code,omitempty"`
	// Target - The target of the particular error.
	Target *string `json:"target,omitempty"`
	// Message - The error message.
	Message *string `json:"message,omitempty"`

APIErrorBase api error base.

type AccessLevel

type AccessLevel string

AccessLevel enumerates the values for access level.

const (
	// None ...
	None AccessLevel = "None"
	// Read ...
	Read AccessLevel = "Read"
	// Write ...
	Write AccessLevel = "Write"

func PossibleAccessLevelValues

func PossibleAccessLevelValues() []AccessLevel

PossibleAccessLevelValues returns an array of possible values for the AccessLevel const type.

type AccessURI

type AccessURI struct {
	autorest.Response `json:"-"`
	// AccessSAS - READ-ONLY; A SAS uri for accessing a disk.
	AccessSAS *string `json:"accessSAS,omitempty"`

AccessURI a disk access SAS uri.

type AdditionalCapabilities

type AdditionalCapabilities struct {
	// UltraSSDEnabled - The flag that enables or disables a capability to have one or more managed data disks with UltraSSD_LRS storage account type on the VM or VMSS. Managed disks with storage account type UltraSSD_LRS can be added to a virtual machine or virtual machine scale set only if this property is enabled.
	UltraSSDEnabled *bool `json:"ultraSSDEnabled,omitempty"`

AdditionalCapabilities enables or disables a capability on the virtual machine or virtual machine scale set.

type AdditionalUnattendContent

type AdditionalUnattendContent struct {
	// PassName - The pass name. Currently, the only allowable value is OobeSystem. Possible values include: 'OobeSystem'
	PassName PassNames `json:"passName,omitempty"`
	// ComponentName - The component name. Currently, the only allowable value is Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup. Possible values include: 'MicrosoftWindowsShellSetup'
	ComponentName ComponentNames `json:"componentName,omitempty"`
	// SettingName - Specifies the name of the setting to which the content applies. Possible values are: FirstLogonCommands and AutoLogon. Possible values include: 'AutoLogon', 'FirstLogonCommands'
	SettingName SettingNames `json:"settingName,omitempty"`
	// Content - Specifies the XML formatted content that is added to the unattend.xml file for the specified path and component. The XML must be less than 4KB and must include the root element for the setting or feature that is being inserted.
	Content *string `json:"content,omitempty"`

AdditionalUnattendContent specifies additional XML formatted information that can be included in the Unattend.xml file, which is used by Windows Setup. Contents are defined by setting name, component name, and the pass in which the content is applied.

type AggregatedReplicationState

type AggregatedReplicationState string

AggregatedReplicationState enumerates the values for aggregated replication state.

const (
	// Completed ...
	Completed AggregatedReplicationState = "Completed"
	// Failed ...
	Failed AggregatedReplicationState = "Failed"
	// InProgress ...
	InProgress AggregatedReplicationState = "InProgress"
	// Unknown ...
	Unknown AggregatedReplicationState = "Unknown"

func PossibleAggregatedReplicationStateValues

func PossibleAggregatedReplicationStateValues() []AggregatedReplicationState

PossibleAggregatedReplicationStateValues returns an array of possible values for the AggregatedReplicationState const type.

type AutomaticOSUpgradePolicy

type AutomaticOSUpgradePolicy struct {
	// EnableAutomaticOSUpgrade - Indicates whether OS upgrades should automatically be applied to scale set instances in a rolling fashion when a newer version of the OS image becomes available. Default value is false. <br><br> If this is set to true for Windows based scale sets, [enableAutomaticUpdates]( is automatically set to false and cannot be set to true.
	EnableAutomaticOSUpgrade *bool `json:"enableAutomaticOSUpgrade,omitempty"`
	// DisableAutomaticRollb