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const (
	DefaultBaseURI = original.DefaultBaseURI


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func UserAgent

func UserAgent() string

func Version

func Version() string


type AccessTier

type AccessTier = original.AccessTier
const (
	Cool AccessTier = original.Cool
	Hot  AccessTier = original.Hot

func PossibleAccessTierValues

func PossibleAccessTierValues() []AccessTier

type Account

type Account = original.Account

type AccountCreateParameters

type AccountCreateParameters = original.AccountCreateParameters

type AccountKey

type AccountKey = original.AccountKey

type AccountListKeysResult

type AccountListKeysResult = original.AccountListKeysResult

type AccountListResult

type AccountListResult = original.AccountListResult

type AccountProperties

type AccountProperties = original.AccountProperties

type AccountPropertiesCreateParameters

type AccountPropertiesCreateParameters = original.AccountPropertiesCreateParameters

type AccountPropertiesUpdateParameters

type AccountPropertiesUpdateParameters = original.AccountPropertiesUpdateParameters

type AccountRegenerateKeyParameters

type AccountRegenerateKeyParameters = original.AccountRegenerateKeyParameters

type AccountStatus

type AccountStatus = original.AccountStatus
const (
	Available   AccountStatus = original.Available
	Unavailable AccountStatus = original.Unavailable

func PossibleAccountStatusValues

func PossibleAccountStatusValues() []AccountStatus

type AccountUpdateParameters

type AccountUpdateParameters = original.AccountUpdateParameters

type AccountsClient

type AccountsClient = original.AccountsClient

func NewAccountsClient

func NewAccountsClient(subscriptionID string) AccountsClient

func NewAccountsClientWithBaseURI

func NewAccountsClientWithBaseURI(baseURI string, subscriptionID string) AccountsClient

type AccountsCreateFuture

type AccountsCreateFuture = original.AccountsCreateFuture

type BaseClient

type BaseClient = original.BaseClient

func New

func New(subscriptionID string) BaseClient

func NewWithBaseURI

func NewWithBaseURI(baseURI string, subscriptionID string) BaseClient

type CheckNameAvailabilityResult

type CheckNameAvailabilityResult = original.CheckNameAvailabilityResult

type CustomDomain

type CustomDomain = original.CustomDomain

type Encryption

type Encryption = original.Encryption

type EncryptionService

type EncryptionService = original.EncryptionService

type EncryptionServices

type EncryptionServices = original.EncryptionServices

type Endpoints

type Endpoints = original.Endpoints

type KeyPermission

type KeyPermission = original.KeyPermission

func PossibleKeyPermissionValues

func PossibleKeyPermissionValues() []KeyPermission

type Kind

type Kind = original.Kind
const (
	BlobStorage Kind = original.BlobStorage
	Storage     Kind = original.Storage

func PossibleKindValues

func PossibleKindValues() []Kind

type ProvisioningState

type ProvisioningState = original.ProvisioningState

func PossibleProvisioningStateValues

func PossibleProvisioningStateValues() []ProvisioningState

type Reason

type Reason = original.Reason
const (
	AccountNameInvalid Reason = original.AccountNameInvalid
	AlreadyExists      Reason = original.AlreadyExists

func PossibleReasonValues

func PossibleReasonValues() []Reason

type Resource

type Resource = original.Resource

type Sku

type Sku = original.Sku

type SkuName

type SkuName = original.SkuName
const (
	PremiumLRS    SkuName = original.PremiumLRS
	StandardGRS   SkuName = original.StandardGRS
	StandardLRS   SkuName = original.StandardLRS
	StandardRAGRS SkuName = original.StandardRAGRS
	StandardZRS   SkuName = original.StandardZRS

func PossibleSkuNameValues

func PossibleSkuNameValues() []SkuName

type SkuTier

type SkuTier = original.SkuTier
const (
	Premium  SkuTier = original.Premium
	Standard SkuTier = original.Standard

func PossibleSkuTierValues

func PossibleSkuTierValues() []SkuTier

type Usage

type Usage = original.Usage

type UsageClient

type UsageClient = original.UsageClient

func NewUsageClient

func NewUsageClient(subscriptionID string) UsageClient

func NewUsageClientWithBaseURI

func NewUsageClientWithBaseURI(baseURI string, subscriptionID string) UsageClient

type UsageListResult

type UsageListResult = original.UsageListResult

type UsageName

type UsageName = original.UsageName

type UsageUnit

type UsageUnit = original.UsageUnit

func PossibleUsageUnitValues

func PossibleUsageUnitValues() []UsageUnit


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