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Small and dependency free Go package to infer file and MIME type checking the magic numbers signature.

For SVG file type checking, see go-is-svg package.


  • Supports a wide range of file types
  • Provides file extension and proper MIME type
  • File discovery by extension or MIME type
  • File discovery by class (image, video, audio...)
  • Provides a bunch of helpers and file matching shortcuts
  • Pluggable: add custom new types and matchers
  • Simple and semantic API
  • Blazing fast, even processing large files
  • Only first 261 bytes representing the max file header is required, so you can just pass a slice
  • Dependency free (just Go code, no C compilation needed)
  • Cross-platform file recognition


go get


See Godoc reference.



Simple file type checking
package main

import (

func main() {
  buf, _ := ioutil.ReadFile("sample.jpg")

  kind, unknown := filetype.Match(buf)
  if unknown != nil {
    fmt.Printf("Unknown: %s", unknown)

  fmt.Printf("File type: %s. MIME: %s\n", kind.Extension, kind.MIME.Value)
Check type class
package main

import (

func main() {
  buf, _ := ioutil.ReadFile("sample.jpg")

  if filetype.IsImage(buf) {
    fmt.Println("File is an image")
  } else {
    fmt.Println("Not an image")
Supported type
package main

import (

func main() {
  // Check if file is supported by extension
  if filetype.IsSupported("jpg") {
    fmt.Println("Extension supported")
  } else {
    fmt.Println("Extension not supported")

  // Check if file is supported by extension
  if filetype.IsMIMESupported("image/jpeg") {
    fmt.Println("MIME type supported")
  } else {
    fmt.Println("MIME type not supported")
File header
package main

import (

func main() {
  // Open a file descriptor
  file, _ := os.Open("movie.mp4")

  // We only have to pass the file header = first 261 bytes
  head := make([]byte, 261)

  if filetype.IsImage(head) {
    fmt.Println("File is an image")
  } else {
    fmt.Println("Not an image")
Add additional file type matchers
package main

import (

var fooType = filetype.NewType("foo", "foo/foo")

func fooMatcher(buf []byte) bool {
  return len(buf) > 1 && buf[0] == 0x01 && buf[1] == 0x02

func main() {
  // Register the new matcher and its type
  filetype.AddMatcher(fooType, fooMatcher)

  // Check if the new type is supported by extension
  if filetype.IsSupported("foo") {
    fmt.Println("New supported type: foo")

  // Check if the new type is supported by MIME
  if filetype.IsMIMESupported("foo/foo") {
    fmt.Println("New supported MIME type: foo/foo")

  // Try to match the file
  fooFile := []byte{0x01, 0x02}
  kind, _ := filetype.Match(fooFile)
  if kind == filetype.Unknown {
    fmt.Println("Unknown file type")
  } else {
    fmt.Printf("File type matched: %s\n", kind.Extension)

Supported types

  • jpg - image/jpeg
  • png - image/png
  • gif - image/gif
  • webp - image/webp
  • cr2 - image/x-canon-cr2
  • tif - image/tiff
  • bmp - image/bmp
  • jxr - image/
  • psd - image/vnd.adobe.photoshop
  • ico - image/x-icon
  • mp4 - video/mp4
  • m4v - video/x-m4v
  • mkv - video/x-matroska
  • webm - video/webm
  • mov - video/quicktime
  • avi - video/x-msvideo
  • wmv - video/x-ms-wmv
  • mpg - video/mpeg
  • flv - video/x-flv
  • mid - audio/midi
  • mp3 - audio/mpeg
  • m4a - audio/m4a
  • ogg - audio/ogg
  • flac - audio/x-flac
  • wav - audio/x-wav
  • amr - audio/amr
  • epub - application/epub+zip
  • zip - application/zip
  • tar - application/x-tar
  • rar - application/x-rar-compressed
  • gz - application/gzip
  • bz2 - application/x-bzip2
  • 7z - application/x-7z-compressed
  • xz - application/x-xz
  • pdf - application/pdf
  • exe - application/x-msdownload
  • swf - application/x-shockwave-flash
  • rtf - application/rtf
  • eot - application/octet-stream
  • ps - application/postscript
  • sqlite - application/x-sqlite3
  • nes - application/x-nintendo-nes-rom
  • crx - application/x-google-chrome-extension
  • cab - application/
  • deb - application/x-deb
  • ar - application/x-unix-archive
  • Z - application/x-compress
  • lz - application/x-lzip
  • rpm - application/x-rpm
  • elf - application/x-executable
  • doc - application/msword
  • docx - application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document
  • xls - application/
  • xlsx - application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet
  • ppt - application/
  • pptx - application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.presentation
  • woff - application/font-woff
  • woff2 - application/font-woff
  • ttf - application/font-sfnt
  • otf - application/font-sfnt


Measured using real files.

Environment: OSX x64 i7 2.7 Ghz

BenchmarkMatchTar-8    1000000        1083 ns/op
BenchmarkMatchZip-8    1000000        1162 ns/op
BenchmarkMatchJpeg-8   1000000        1280 ns/op
BenchmarkMatchGif-8    1000000        1315 ns/op
BenchmarkMatchPng-8    1000000        1121 ns/op


MIT - Tomas Aparicio




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const Version = "1.0.5"

Version exposes the current package version.


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var ErrEmptyBuffer = errors.New("Empty buffer")

ErrEmptyBuffer represents an empty buffer error

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var ErrUnknownBuffer = errors.New("Unknown buffer type")

ErrUnknownBuffer represents a unknown buffer error

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var Matchers = matchers.Matchers

Matchers is an alias to matchers.Matchers

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var NewMatcher = matchers.NewMatcher

NewMatcher is an alias to matchers.NewMatcher

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var NewType = types.NewType

NewType creates and registers a new type

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var Types = types.Types

Types stores a map of supported types

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var Unknown = types.Unknown

Unknown represents an unknown file type


func AddMatcher

func AddMatcher(fileType types.Type, matcher matchers.Matcher) matchers.TypeMatcher

AddMatcher registers a new matcher type

func AddType

func AddType(ext, mime string) types.Type

AddType registers a new file type

func Archive

func Archive(buf []byte) (types.Type, error)

Archive tries to match a file as generic archive type

func Audio

func Audio(buf []byte) (types.Type, error)

Audio tries to match a file as audio type

func Font

func Font(buf []byte) (types.Type, error)

Font tries to match a file as text font type

func Get

func Get(buf []byte) (types.Type, error)

Get is an alias to Match()

func GetType

func GetType(ext string) types.Type

GetType retrieves a Type by file extension

func Image

func Image(buf []byte) (types.Type, error)

Image tries to match a file as image type

func Is

func Is(buf []byte, ext string) bool

Is checks if a given buffer matches with the given file type extension

func IsArchive

func IsArchive(buf []byte) bool

IsArchive checks if the given buffer is an archive type

func IsAudio

func IsAudio(buf []byte) bool

IsAudio checks if the given buffer is an audio type

func IsExtension

func IsExtension(buf []byte, ext string) bool

IsExtension semantic alias to Is()

func IsFont

func IsFont(buf []byte) bool

IsFont checks if the given buffer is a font type

func IsImage

func IsImage(buf []byte) bool

IsImage checks if the given buffer is an image type

func IsMIME

func IsMIME(buf []byte, mime string) bool

IsMIME checks if a given buffer matches with the given MIME type

func IsMIMESupported

func IsMIMESupported(mime string) bool

IsMIMESupported checks if a given MIME type is supported

func IsSupported

func IsSupported(ext string) bool

IsSupported checks if a given file extension is supported

func IsType

func IsType(buf []byte, kind types.Type) bool

IsType checks if a given buffer matches with the given file type

func IsVideo

func IsVideo(buf []byte) bool

IsVideo checks if the given buffer is a video type

func Match

func Match(buf []byte) (types.Type, error)

Match infers the file type of a given buffer inspecting its magic numbers signature

func MatchFile

func MatchFile(filepath string) (types.Type, error)

MatchFile infers a file type for a file

func MatchMap

func MatchMap(buf []byte, matchers matchers.Map) types.Type

MatchMap performs a file matching againts a map of match functions

func MatchReader

func MatchReader(reader io.Reader) (types.Type, error)

MatchReader is convenient wrapper to Match() any Reader

func Matches

func Matches(buf []byte) bool

Matches checks if the given buffer matches with some supported file type

func MatchesMap

func MatchesMap(buf []byte, matchers matchers.Map) bool

MatchesMap is an alias to Matches() but using matching againts a map of match functions

func Video

func Video(buf []byte) (types.Type, error)

Video tries to match a file as video type


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