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middleware package implements a simple middleware layer especially designed for HTTP client domain and full HTTP request/response live cycle.


go get -u


See godoc reference.


MIT - Tomas Aparicio



    Package middleware implements an HTTP client domain-specific phase-oriented middleware layer used internally by gentleman packages.



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    type Layer

    type Layer struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      Layer type represent an HTTP domain specific middleware layer with inheritance support.

      func New

      func New() *Layer

        New creates a new middleware layer.

        func (*Layer) Clone

        func (s *Layer) Clone() Middleware

          Clone creates a new Middleware instance based on the current one.

          func (*Layer) Flush

          func (s *Layer) Flush()

            Flush flushes the plugins stack.

            func (*Layer) GetStack

            func (s *Layer) GetStack() []plugin.Plugin

              GetStack gets the current middleware plugins stack.

              func (*Layer) Run

              func (s *Layer) Run(phase string, ctx *c.Context) *c.Context

                Run triggers the middleware call chain for the given phase.

                func (*Layer) SetStack

                func (s *Layer) SetStack(stack []plugin.Plugin)

                  SetStack sets the middleware plugin stack overriding the existent one.

                  func (*Layer) Use

                  func (s *Layer) Use(plugin plugin.Plugin) Middleware

                    Use registers a new plugin to the middleware stack.

                    func (*Layer) UseError

                    func (s *Layer) UseError(fn c.HandlerFunc) Middleware

                      UseError registers a new error phase middleware handler.

                      func (*Layer) UseHandler

                      func (s *Layer) UseHandler(phase string, fn c.HandlerFunc) Middleware

                        UseHandler registers a phase specific plugin handler in the middleware stack.

                        func (*Layer) UseParent

                        func (s *Layer) UseParent(parent Middleware) Middleware

                          UseParent attachs a parent middleware.

                          func (*Layer) UseRequest

                          func (s *Layer) UseRequest(fn c.HandlerFunc) Middleware

                            UseRequest registers a new request phase middleware handler.

                            func (*Layer) UseResponse

                            func (s *Layer) UseResponse(fn c.HandlerFunc) Middleware

                              UseResponse registers a new response phase middleware handler.

                              type Middleware

                              type Middleware interface {
                              	// Use method is used to register a new plugin in the middleware stack.
                              	Use(plugin.Plugin) Middleware
                              	// UseError is used to register a new error phase middleware function handler.
                              	UseError(c.HandlerFunc) Middleware
                              	// UseRequest is used to register a new request phase middleware function handler.
                              	UseRequest(c.HandlerFunc) Middleware
                              	// UseResposne is used to register a new resposne phase middleware function handler.
                              	UseResponse(c.HandlerFunc) Middleware
                              	// UseHandler is used to register a new phase specific middleware function handler.
                              	UseHandler(string, c.HandlerFunc) Middleware
                              	// Run is used to dispatch the middleware call chain for a specific phase.
                              	Run(string, *c.Context) *c.Context
                              	// UseParent defines a parent middleware for easy inheritance.
                              	UseParent(Middleware) Middleware
                              	// Clone is used to created a new clone of the existent middleware.
                              	Clone() Middleware
                              	// Flush is used to flush the middleware stack.
                              	// GetStack is used to retrieve an array of registered plugins.
                              	GetStack() []plugin.Plugin
                              	// SetStack is used to override the stack of registered plugins.

                                Middleware especifies the required interface that must be implemented by middleware capable interfaces.

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