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type Decryptor

type Decryptor struct {

func (*Decryptor) Decrypt

func (*Decryptor) Decrypt(k bccsp.Key, ciphertext []byte, opts bccsp.DecrypterOpts) (plaintext []byte, err error)

type Encryptor

type Encryptor struct {
	KeyArg       bccsp.Key
	PlaintextArg []byte
	OptsArg      bccsp.EncrypterOpts

	EncValue []byte
	EncErr   error

func (*Encryptor) Encrypt

func (e *Encryptor) Encrypt(k bccsp.Key, plaintext []byte, opts bccsp.EncrypterOpts) (ciphertext []byte, err error)

type Hasher

type Hasher struct {
	MsgArg  []byte
	OptsArg bccsp.HashOpts

	Value     []byte
	ValueHash hash.Hash
	Err       error

func (*Hasher) GetHash

func (h *Hasher) GetHash(opts bccsp.HashOpts) (hash.Hash, error)

func (*Hasher) Hash

func (h *Hasher) Hash(msg []byte, opts bccsp.HashOpts) (hash []byte, err error)

type KeyDeriver

type KeyDeriver struct {
	KeyArg  bccsp.Key
	OptsArg bccsp.KeyDerivOpts

	Value bccsp.Key
	Err   error

func (*KeyDeriver) KeyDeriv

func (kd *KeyDeriver) KeyDeriv(k bccsp.Key, opts bccsp.KeyDerivOpts) (dk bccsp.Key, err error)

type KeyGenerator

type KeyGenerator struct {
	OptsArg bccsp.KeyGenOpts

	Value bccsp.Key
	Err   error

func (*KeyGenerator) KeyGen

func (kg *KeyGenerator) KeyGen(opts bccsp.KeyGenOpts) (k bccsp.Key, err error)

type KeyImporter

type KeyImporter struct {
	RawArg  []byte
	OptsArg bccsp.KeyImportOpts

	Value bccsp.Key
	Err   error

func (*KeyImporter) KeyImport

func (ki *KeyImporter) KeyImport(raw interface{}, opts bccsp.KeyImportOpts) (k bccsp.Key, err error)

type Signer

type Signer struct {
	KeyArg    bccsp.Key
	DigestArg []byte
	OptsArg   bccsp.SignerOpts

	Value []byte
	Err   error

func (*Signer) Sign

func (s *Signer) Sign(k bccsp.Key, digest []byte, opts bccsp.SignerOpts) (signature []byte, err error)

type Verifier

type Verifier struct {
	KeyArg       bccsp.Key
	SignatureArg []byte
	DigestArg    []byte
	OptsArg      bccsp.SignerOpts

	Value bool
	Err   error

func (*Verifier) Verify

func (s *Verifier) Verify(k bccsp.Key, signature, digest []byte, opts bccsp.SignerOpts) (valid bool, err error)

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