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const (
	IncomingByteRateName  = "incoming-byte-rate-for-broker-"
	OutgoingByteRateName  = "outgoing-byte-rate-for-broker-"
	RequestRateName       = "request-rate-for-broker-"
	RequestSizeName       = "request-size-for-broker-"
	RequestLatencyName    = "request-latency-in-ms-for-broker-"
	ResponseRateName      = "response-rate-for-broker-"
	ResponseSizeName      = "response-size-for-broker-"
	BatchSizeName         = "batch-size-for-topic-"
	RecordSendRateName    = "record-send-rate-for-topic-"
	RecordsPerRequestName = "records-per-request-for-topic-"
	CompressionRatioName  = "compression-ratio-for-topic-"


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type InactiveChainRegistry

type InactiveChainRegistry interface {
	// TrackChain tracks a chain with the given name, and calls the given callback
	// when this chain should be created.
	TrackChain(chainName string, genesisBlock *cb.Block, createChain func())

InactiveChainRegistry registers chains that are inactive

type Metrics

type Metrics struct {
	// The first set of metrics are all reported by Sarama
	IncomingByteRate  metrics.Gauge
	OutgoingByteRate  metrics.Gauge
	RequestRate       metrics.Gauge
	RequestSize       metrics.Gauge
	RequestLatency    metrics.Gauge
	ResponseRate      metrics.Gauge
	ResponseSize      metrics.Gauge
	BatchSize         metrics.Gauge
	RecordSendRate    metrics.Gauge
	RecordsPerRequest metrics.Gauge
	CompressionRatio  metrics.Gauge

	GoMetricsRegistry gometrics.Registry

	// LastPersistedOffset is reported by the Fabric/Kafka integration
	LastOffsetPersisted metrics.Gauge

func New

func New(config localconfig.Kafka, mp metrics.Provider, healthChecker healthChecker, icr InactiveChainRegistry, mkChain func(string)) (consensus.Consenter, *Metrics)

New creates a Kafka-based consenter. Called by orderer's main.go.

func NewMetrics

func NewMetrics(p metrics.Provider, registry gometrics.Registry) *Metrics

func (*Metrics) PollGoMetrics

func (m *Metrics) PollGoMetrics()

PollGoMetrics takes the current metric values from go-metrics and publishes them to the gauges exposed through go-kit's metrics.

func (*Metrics) PollGoMetricsUntilStop

func (m *Metrics) PollGoMetricsUntilStop(frequency time.Duration, stopChannel <-chan struct{})

PollGoMetricsUntilStop should generally be invoked on a dedicated go routine. This go routine will then invoke PollGoMetrics at the specified frequency until the stopChannel closes.


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