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hooks provides types and constants that define the hooks known to Juju.



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type Kind

type Kind string

Kind enumerates the different kinds of hooks that exist.

const (
	// None of these hooks are ever associated with a relation; each of them
	// represents a change to the state of the unit as a whole. The values
	// themselves are all valid hook names.
	Install         Kind = "install"
	Start           Kind = "start"
	ConfigChanged   Kind = "config-changed"
	UpgradeCharm    Kind = "upgrade-charm"
	Stop            Kind = "stop"
	ActionRequested Kind = "action-requested"
	CollectMetrics  Kind = "collect-metrics"

	// These hooks require an associated relation, and the name of the relation
	// unit whose change triggered the hook. The hook file names that these
	// kinds represent will be prefixed by the relation name; for example,
	// "db-relation-joined".
	RelationJoined   Kind = "relation-joined"
	RelationChanged  Kind = "relation-changed"
	RelationDeparted Kind = "relation-departed"

	// This hook requires an associated relation. The represented hook file name
	// will be prefixed by the relation name, just like the other Relation* Kind
	// values.
	RelationBroken Kind = "relation-broken"

func RelationHooks

func RelationHooks() []Kind

RelationHooks returns all known relation hook kinds.

func UnitHooks

func UnitHooks() []Kind

UnitHooks returns all known unit hook kinds.

func (Kind) IsRelation

func (kind Kind) IsRelation() bool

IsRelation returns whether the Kind represents a relation hook.

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