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const (
	DefaultPort = 4444

Default values for the configuration


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var (
	// NoOpLogger can be used as the logger argument, it prints nothing.
	NoOpLogger = func(string, ...interface{}) {}


This section is empty.


type Config

type Config struct {
	// Hostname if empty used the iris server's hostname
	Hostname string
	// Port if 0 4444
	Port int
	// KeyFile the key file(ssl optional)
	KeyFile string
	// CertFile the cert file (ssl optional)
	CertFile string
	// WorkingDir if empty "./"
	WorkingDir string
	// Username defaults to empty, you should set this
	Username string
	// Password defaults to empty, you should set this
	Password string
	// DisableOutput set that to true if you don't care about alm-tools' messages
	// they are useful because that the default value is "false"
	DisableOutput bool

Config the configs for the Editor plugin

func DefaultConfig

func DefaultConfig() Config

DefaultConfig returns the default configs for the Editor plugin

type Editor

type Editor struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Editor is the alm-tools adaptor.

It holds a logger from the iris' station username,password for basic auth directory which the client side code is keyfile,certfile for TLS listening and a host which is listening for

func New

func New(cfg ...Config) *Editor

New creates and returns an Editor Plugin instance

func (*Editor) Dir

func (e *Editor) Dir(workingDir string) *Editor

Dir sets the directory which the client side source code alive

func (*Editor) DisableOutput

func (e *Editor) DisableOutput()

DisableOutput call that if you don't care about alm-tools' messages they are useful because that the default configuration shows them

func (*Editor) GetDescription

func (e *Editor) GetDescription() string

GetDescription EditorPlugin is a bridge between iris and the alm-tools, the browser-based IDE for client-side sources.

func (*Editor) Port

func (e *Editor) Port(port int) *Editor

Port sets the port (int) for the editor adaptor's standalone server

func (*Editor) Run

func (e *Editor) Run(logger func(format string, a ...interface{}))

Run starts the editor's server.

Developers should call the `Stop` to shutdown the editor's server when main server will be closed.

func (*Editor) SetEnable

func (e *Editor) SetEnable(enable bool)

SetEnable if true enables the editor adaptor, otherwise disables it

func (*Editor) Stop

func (e *Editor) Stop()

Stop kills the editor's server.

func (*Editor) User

func (e *Editor) User(username string, password string) *Editor

User set a user, accepts two parameters: username (string), string (string)

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