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Package user contains utilities for dealing with simple user exchange in the auth packages. The user.Info interface defines an interface for exchanging that info.



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type DefaultInfo

type DefaultInfo struct {
	Name   string
	UID    string
	Groups []string
	Extra  map[string][]string

DefaultInfo provides a simple user information exchange object for components that implement the UserInfo interface.

func (*DefaultInfo) GetExtra

func (i *DefaultInfo) GetExtra() map[string][]string

func (*DefaultInfo) GetGroups

func (i *DefaultInfo) GetGroups() []string

func (*DefaultInfo) GetName

func (i *DefaultInfo) GetName() string

func (*DefaultInfo) GetUID

func (i *DefaultInfo) GetUID() string

type Info

type Info interface {
	// GetName returns the name that uniquely identifies this user among all
	// other active users.
	GetName() string
	// GetUID returns a unique value for a particular user that will change
	// if the user is removed from the system and another user is added with
	// the same name.
	GetUID() string
	// GetGroups returns the names of the groups the user is a member of
	GetGroups() []string

	// GetExtra can contain any additional information that the authenticator
	// thought was interesting.  One example would be scopes on a token.
	// Keys in this map should be namespaced to the authenticator or
	// authenticator/authorizer pair making use of them.
	// For instance: "" instead of "foo"
	// This is a map[string][]string because it needs to be serializeable into
	// a for proper authorization
	// delegation flows
	// In order to faithfully round-trip through an impersonation flow, these keys
	// MUST be lowercase.
	GetExtra() map[string][]string

Info describes a user that has been authenticated to the system.

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