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func Logf added in v0.32.0

func Logf(str string, args ...interface{})

Logf writes logs to stdout if -v is set.

func Retry added in v0.22.0

func Retry(t *testing.T, callback func() error, d time.Duration, attempts int) (err error)

func WaitForBusyboxRunning added in v0.22.0

func WaitForBusyboxRunning(t *testing.T, namespace string) error

func WaitForFailedCreatePodSandBoxEvent added in v0.31.0

func WaitForFailedCreatePodSandBoxEvent() error

WaitForFailedCreatePodSandBoxEvent waits for a FailedCreatePodSandBox event to appear

func WaitForGvisorControllerDeleted added in v0.31.0

func WaitForGvisorControllerDeleted() error

WaitForGvisorControllerDeleted waits for the gvisor controller pod to be deleted

func WaitForGvisorControllerRunning added in v0.31.0

func WaitForGvisorControllerRunning(t *testing.T) error

WaitForGvisorControllerRunning waits for the gvisor controller pod to be running

func WaitForIngressControllerRunning added in v0.25.0

func WaitForIngressControllerRunning(t *testing.T) error

func WaitForIngressDefaultBackendRunning added in v0.25.0

func WaitForIngressDefaultBackendRunning(t *testing.T) error

func WaitForNginxRunning added in v0.25.0

func WaitForNginxRunning(t *testing.T) error

func WaitForUntrustedNginxRunning added in v0.31.0

func WaitForUntrustedNginxRunning() error

WaitForUntrustedNginxRunning waits for the untrusted nginx pod to start running


type KubectlRunner

type KubectlRunner struct {
	T          *testing.T
	BinaryPath string

func NewKubectlRunner

func NewKubectlRunner(t *testing.T) *KubectlRunner

func (*KubectlRunner) CreateRandomNamespace

func (k *KubectlRunner) CreateRandomNamespace() string

func (*KubectlRunner) DeleteNamespace

func (k *KubectlRunner) DeleteNamespace(namespace string) error

func (*KubectlRunner) RunCommand

func (k *KubectlRunner) RunCommand(args []string) (stdout []byte, err error)

func (*KubectlRunner) RunCommandParseOutput

func (k *KubectlRunner) RunCommandParseOutput(args []string, outputObj interface{}) error

type MinikubeRunner

type MinikubeRunner struct {
	T          *testing.T
	BinaryPath string
	Args       string
	StartArgs  string
	MountArgs  string
	Runtime    string

func (*MinikubeRunner) CheckStatus

func (m *MinikubeRunner) CheckStatus(desired string)

func (*MinikubeRunner) CheckStatusNoFail added in v0.17.0

func (m *MinikubeRunner) CheckStatusNoFail(desired string) error

func (*MinikubeRunner) CombinedOutput added in v0.22.0

func (m *MinikubeRunner) CombinedOutput(cmd string) (string, error)

func (*MinikubeRunner) Copy added in v0.22.0

func (*MinikubeRunner) EnsureRunning

func (m *MinikubeRunner) EnsureRunning()

func (*MinikubeRunner) GetLogs added in v0.22.2

func (m *MinikubeRunner) GetLogs() string

func (*MinikubeRunner) GetStatus

func (m *MinikubeRunner) GetStatus() string

func (*MinikubeRunner) ParseEnvCmdOutput added in v0.31.0

func (m *MinikubeRunner) ParseEnvCmdOutput(out string) map[string]string

ParseEnvCmdOutput parses the output of `env` (assumes bash)

func (*MinikubeRunner) Remove added in v0.22.0

func (m *MinikubeRunner) Remove(f assets.CopyableFile) error

func (*MinikubeRunner) Run added in v0.22.0

func (m *MinikubeRunner) Run(cmd string) error

func (*MinikubeRunner) RunCommand

func (m *MinikubeRunner) RunCommand(command string, checkError bool) string

func (*MinikubeRunner) RunDaemon added in v0.18.0

func (m *MinikubeRunner) RunDaemon(command string) (*exec.Cmd, *bufio.Reader)

func (*MinikubeRunner) RunDaemon2 added in v0.34.0

func (m *MinikubeRunner) RunDaemon2(command string) (*exec.Cmd, *bufio.Reader, *bufio.Reader)

func (*MinikubeRunner) RunWithContext added in v0.31.0

func (m *MinikubeRunner) RunWithContext(ctx context.Context, command string) (string, string, error)

RunWithContext calls the minikube command with a context, useful for timeouts.

func (*MinikubeRunner) SSH

func (m *MinikubeRunner) SSH(command string) (string, error)

func (*MinikubeRunner) SetRuntime added in v0.31.0

func (m *MinikubeRunner) SetRuntime(runtime string)

SetRuntime saves the runtime backend

func (*MinikubeRunner) Start

func (m *MinikubeRunner) Start()

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