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Package audits implements the Audits domain. Audits domain allows investigation of page violations and possible improvements.



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func NewClient

func NewClient(conn *rpcc.Conn) *domainClient

NewClient returns a client for the Audits domain with the connection set to conn.


type GetEncodedResponseArgs

type GetEncodedResponseArgs struct {
	RequestID network.RequestID `json:"requestId"` // Identifier of the network request to get content for.
	// Encoding The encoding to use.
	// Values: "webp", "jpeg", "png".
	Encoding string   `json:"encoding"`
	Quality  *float64 `json:"quality,omitempty"`  // The quality of the encoding (0-1). (defaults to 1)
	SizeOnly *bool    `json:"sizeOnly,omitempty"` // Whether to only return the size information (defaults to false).

GetEncodedResponseArgs represents the arguments for GetEncodedResponse in the Audits domain.

func NewGetEncodedResponseArgs

func NewGetEncodedResponseArgs(requestID network.RequestID, encoding string) *GetEncodedResponseArgs

NewGetEncodedResponseArgs initializes GetEncodedResponseArgs with the required arguments.

func (*GetEncodedResponseArgs) SetQuality

func (a *GetEncodedResponseArgs) SetQuality(quality float64) *GetEncodedResponseArgs

SetQuality sets the Quality optional argument. The quality of the encoding (0-1). (defaults to 1)

func (*GetEncodedResponseArgs) SetSizeOnly

func (a *GetEncodedResponseArgs) SetSizeOnly(sizeOnly bool) *GetEncodedResponseArgs

SetSizeOnly sets the SizeOnly optional argument. Whether to only return the size information (defaults to false).

type GetEncodedResponseReply

type GetEncodedResponseReply struct {
	Body         *string `json:"body,omitempty"` // The encoded body as a base64 string. Omitted if sizeOnly is true.
	OriginalSize int     `json:"originalSize"`   // Size before re-encoding.
	EncodedSize  int     `json:"encodedSize"`    // Size after re-encoding.

GetEncodedResponseReply represents the return values for GetEncodedResponse in the Audits domain.

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