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var AmazonS3Host = regexp.MustCompile("^s3[.-]?(.*?)\\.amazonaws\\.com$")

AmazonS3Host - regular expression used to determine if an arg is s3 host.


func CheckValidBucketName

func CheckValidBucketName(bucketName string) (err error)

CheckValidBucketName - checks if we have a valid input bucket name.

func CheckValidBucketNameStrict

func CheckValidBucketNameStrict(bucketName string) (err error)

CheckValidBucketNameStrict - checks if we have a valid input bucket name. This is a stricter version. - http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/dev/UsingBucket.html

func CheckValidObjectName

func CheckValidObjectName(objectName string) error

CheckValidObjectName - checks if we have a valid input object name.

func CheckValidObjectNamePrefix

func CheckValidObjectNamePrefix(objectName string) error

CheckValidObjectNamePrefix - checks if we have a valid input object name prefix.

func EncodePath

func EncodePath(pathName string) string

EncodePath encode the strings from UTF-8 byte representations to HTML hex escape sequences

This is necessary since regular url.Parse() and url.Encode() functions do not support UTF-8 non english characters cannot be parsed due to the nature in which url.Encode() is written

This function on the other hand is a direct replacement for url.Encode() technique to support pretty much every UTF-8 character.

func IsAmazonChinaEndpoint

func IsAmazonChinaEndpoint(endpointURL url.URL) bool

IsAmazonChinaEndpoint - Match if it is exactly Amazon S3 China endpoint. Customers who wish to use the new Beijing Region are required to sign up for a separate set of account credentials unique to the China (Beijing) Region. Customers with existing AWS credentials will not be able to access resources in the new Region, and vice versa. For more info https://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/whats-new/2013/12/18/announcing-the-aws-china-beijing-region/

func IsAmazonEndpoint

func IsAmazonEndpoint(endpointURL url.URL) bool

IsAmazonEndpoint - Match if it is exactly Amazon S3 endpoint.

func IsAmazonFIPSGovCloudEndpoint

func IsAmazonFIPSGovCloudEndpoint(endpointURL url.URL) bool

IsAmazonFIPSGovCloudEndpoint - Match if it is exactly Amazon S3 FIPS GovCloud endpoint.

func IsAmazonGovCloudEndpoint

func IsAmazonGovCloudEndpoint(endpointURL url.URL) bool

IsAmazonGovCloudEndpoint - Match if it is exactly Amazon S3 GovCloud endpoint.

func IsGoogleEndpoint

func IsGoogleEndpoint(endpointURL url.URL) bool

IsGoogleEndpoint - Match if it is exactly Google cloud storage endpoint.

func IsValidDomain

func IsValidDomain(host string) bool

IsValidDomain validates if input string is a valid domain name.

func IsValidIP

func IsValidIP(ip string) bool

IsValidIP parses input string for ip address validity.

func IsVirtualHostSupported

func IsVirtualHostSupported(endpointURL url.URL, bucketName string) bool

IsVirtualHostSupported - verifies if bucketName can be part of virtual host. Currently only Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage would support this.

func QueryEncode

func QueryEncode(v url.Values) string

QueryEncode - encodes query values in their URL encoded form. In addition to the percent encoding performed by urlEncodePath() used here, it also percent encodes '/' (forward slash)


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