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Published: Jul 21, 2016 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 4 Imported by: 0




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const (
	DefaultMemory   = 1024
	DefaultCPUS     = 1
	DefaultDiskSize = "20g"
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const (
	RemoteOpenShiftErrPath = "/var/lib/minishift/openshift.err"
	RemoteOpenShiftOutPath = "/var/lib/minishift/openshift.out"
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const APIServerPort = 8443

APIServerPort is the port that the API server should listen on.

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const (
	DefaultVMDriver = "kvm"
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const MachineName = "minishiftVM"

MachineName is the name to use for the VM.

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const MinikubeContext = "minishift"

MinikubeContext is the kubeconfig context name used for minishift


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var ConfigFilePath = MakeMiniPath("config")
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var DefaultIsoUrl = "" + version.GetVersion() + "/boot2docker.iso"

TODO: Fix for windows KubeconfigPath is the path to the Kubernetes client config

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var LogFlags = [...]string{

Only pass along these flags to openshift.

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var Minipath = filepath.Join(homedir.HomeDir(), ".minishift")

Fix for windows

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var SupportedVMDrivers = [...]string{


func MakeMiniPath

func MakeMiniPath(fileName string) string

MakeMiniPath is a utility to calculate a relative path to our directory.


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