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func MultistepDebugFn

func MultistepDebugFn(ui packer.Ui) multistep.DebugPauseFn

MultistepDebugFn will return a proper multistep.DebugPauseFn to use for debugging if you're using multistep in your builder.


type DownloadClient

type DownloadClient struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

A DownloadClient helps download, verify checksums, etc.

func NewDownloadClient

func NewDownloadClient(c *DownloadConfig) *DownloadClient

NewDownloadClient returns a new DownloadClient for the given configuration.

func (*DownloadClient) Cancel

func (d *DownloadClient) Cancel()

func (*DownloadClient) Get

func (d *DownloadClient) Get() (string, error)

func (*DownloadClient) PercentProgress

func (d *DownloadClient) PercentProgress() uint

PercentProgress returns the download progress as a percentage.

func (*DownloadClient) VerifyChecksum

func (d *DownloadClient) VerifyChecksum(path string) (bool, error)

VerifyChecksum tests that the path matches the checksum for the download.

type DownloadConfig

type DownloadConfig struct {
	// The source URL in the form of a string.
	Url string

	// This is the path to download the file to.
	TargetPath string

	// DownloaderMap maps a schema to a Download.
	DownloaderMap map[string]Downloader

	// If true, this will copy even a local file to the target
	// location. If false, then it will "download" the file by just
	// returning the local path to the file.
	CopyFile bool

	// The hashing implementation to use to checksum the downloaded file.
	Hash hash.Hash

	// The checksum for the downloaded file. The hash implementation configuration
	// for the downloader will be used to verify with this checksum after
	// it is downloaded.
	Checksum []byte

DownloadConfig is the configuration given to instantiate a new download instance. Once a configuration is used to instantiate a download client, it must not be modified.

type Downloader

type Downloader interface {
	Download(io.Writer, *url.URL) error
	Progress() uint
	Total() uint

A downloader is responsible for actually taking a remote URL and downloading it.

type HTTPDownloader

type HTTPDownloader struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

HTTPDownloader is an implementation of Downloader that downloads files over HTTP.

func (*HTTPDownloader) Cancel

func (*HTTPDownloader) Cancel()

func (*HTTPDownloader) Download

func (d *HTTPDownloader) Download(dst io.Writer, src *url.URL) error

func (*HTTPDownloader) Progress

func (d *HTTPDownloader) Progress() uint

func (*HTTPDownloader) Total

func (d *HTTPDownloader) Total() uint

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