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const BuilderId = "mitchellh.vmware"
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const DefaultVMXTemplate = `` /* 2131-byte string literal not displayed */

This is the default VMX template used if no other template is given. This is hardcoded here. If you wish to use a custom template please do so by specifying in the builder configuration.

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const KeyLeftShift uint32 = 0xFFE1


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var KeepFileExtensions = []string{".nvram", ".vmdk", ".vmsd", ".vmx", ".vmxf"}

These are the extensions of files that are important for the function of a VMware virtual machine. Any other file is discarded as part of the build.


func EncodeVMX

func EncodeVMX(contents map[string]string) string

EncodeVMX takes a map and turns it into valid VMX contents.

func ParseVMX

func ParseVMX(contents string) map[string]string

ParseVMX parses the keys and values from a VMX file and returns them as a Go map.

func WriteVMX

func WriteVMX(path string, data map[string]string) (err error)

WriteVMX takes a path to a VMX file and contents in the form of a map and writes it out.


type Artifact

type Artifact struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Artifact is the result of running the VMware builder, namely a set of files associated with the resulting machine.

func (*Artifact) BuilderId

func (*Artifact) BuilderId() string

func (*Artifact) Destroy

func (a *Artifact) Destroy() error

func (*Artifact) Files

func (a *Artifact) Files() []string

func (*Artifact) Id

func (*Artifact) Id() string

func (*Artifact) String

func (a *Artifact) String() string

type Builder

type Builder struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Builder) Cancel

func (b *Builder) Cancel()

func (*Builder) Prepare

func (b *Builder) Prepare(raws ...interface{}) error

func (*Builder) Run

func (b *Builder) Run(ui packer.Ui, hook packer.Hook, cache packer.Cache) (packer.Artifact, error)

type DHCPLeaseGuestLookup

type DHCPLeaseGuestLookup struct {
	// Device that the guest is connected to.
	Device string

	// MAC address of the guest.
	MACAddress string

DHCPLeaseGuestLookup looks up the IP address of a guest using DHCP lease information from the VMware network devices.

func (*DHCPLeaseGuestLookup) GuestIP

func (f *DHCPLeaseGuestLookup) GuestIP() (string, error)

type Driver

type Driver interface {
	// CreateDisk creates a virtual disk with the given size.
	CreateDisk(string, string) error

	// Checks if the VMX file at the given path is running.
	IsRunning(string) (bool, error)

	// Start starts a VM specified by the path to the VMX given.
	Start(string) error

	// Stop stops a VM specified by the path to the VMX given.
	Stop(string) error

	// Get the path to the VMware ISO for the given flavor.
	ToolsIsoPath(string) string

	// Verify checks to make sure that this driver should function
	// properly. This should check that all the files it will use
	// appear to exist and so on. If everything is okay, this doesn't
	// return an error. Otherwise, this returns an error.
	Verify() error

A driver is able to talk to VMware, control virtual machines, etc.

type Fusion5Driver

type Fusion5Driver struct {
	// This is the path to the "VMware Fusion.app"
	AppPath string

Fusion5Driver is a driver that can run VMWare Fusion 5.

func (*Fusion5Driver) CreateDisk

func (d *Fusion5Driver) CreateDisk(output string, size string) error

func (*Fusion5Driver) IsRunning

func (d *Fusion5Driver) IsRunning(vmxPath string) (bool, error)

func (*Fusion5Driver) Start

func (d *Fusion5Driver) Start(vmxPath string) error

func (*Fusion5Driver) Stop

func (d *Fusion5Driver) Stop(vmxPath string) error

func (*Fusion5Driver) ToolsIsoPath added in v0.1.3

func (d *Fusion5Driver) ToolsIsoPath(k string) string

func (*Fusion5Driver) Verify

func (d *Fusion5Driver) Verify() error

type GuestIPFinder

type GuestIPFinder interface {
	GuestIP() (string, error)

Interface to help find the IP address of a running virtual machine.

type HostIPFinder

type HostIPFinder interface {
	HostIP() (string, error)

Interface to help find the host IP that is available from within the VMware virtual machines.

type IfconfigIPFinder

type IfconfigIPFinder struct {
	Device string

IfconfigIPFinder finds the host IP based on the output of `ifconfig`.

func (*IfconfigIPFinder) HostIP

func (f *IfconfigIPFinder) HostIP() (string, error)

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