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func New

func New(c net.Conn, config *ssh.ClientConfig) (result *comm, err error)

Creates a new packer.Communicator implementation over SSH. This takes an already existing TCP connection and SSH configuration.


type Password

type Password string

An implementation of ssh.ClientPassword so that you can use a static string password for the password to ClientAuthPassword.

func (Password) Password

func (p Password) Password(user string) (string, error)

type PasswordKeyboardInteractive added in v0.1.4

type PasswordKeyboardInteractive string

An implementation of ssh.ClientKeyboardInteractive that simply sends back the password for all questions. The questions are logged.

func (PasswordKeyboardInteractive) Challenge added in v0.1.4

func (p PasswordKeyboardInteractive) Challenge(user, instruction string, questions []string, echos []bool) ([]string, error)

type SimpleKeychain

type SimpleKeychain struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*SimpleKeychain) AddPEMKey

func (k *SimpleKeychain) AddPEMKey(key string) (err error)

AddPEMKey adds a simple PEM encoded private key to the keychain.

func (*SimpleKeychain) Key

func (k *SimpleKeychain) Key(i int) (interface{}, error)

Key method for ssh.ClientKeyring interface

func (*SimpleKeychain) Sign

func (k *SimpleKeychain) Sign(i int, rand io.Reader, data []byte) (sig []byte, err error)

Sign method for ssh.ClientKeyring interface

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