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const (
	DefaultDiskSize = 40 * 1024        // ~40GB
	MinDiskSize     = 256              // 256MB
	MaxDiskSize     = 64 * 1024 * 1024 // 64TB

	DefaultRamSize                 = 1 * 1024  // 1GB
	MinRamSize                     = 32        // 32MB
	MaxRamSize                     = 32 * 1024 // 32GB
	MinNestedVirtualizationRamSize = 4 * 1024  // 4GB

	LowRam = 256 // 256MB

	DefaultUsername = ""
	DefaultPassword = ""


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type Builder

type Builder struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Builder implements packer.Builder and builds the actual Hyperv images.

func (*Builder) Cancel

func (b *Builder) Cancel()


func (*Builder) Prepare

func (b *Builder) Prepare(raws ...interface{}) ([]string, error)

Prepare processes the build configuration parameters.

func (*Builder) Run

func (b *Builder) Run(ui packer.Ui, hook packer.Hook, cache packer.Cache) (packer.Artifact, error)

Run executes a Packer build and returns a packer.Artifact representing a Hyperv appliance.

type Config

type Config struct {
	common.PackerConfig         `mapstructure:",squash"`
	common.HTTPConfig           `mapstructure:",squash"`
	common.ISOConfig            `mapstructure:",squash"`
	hypervcommon.FloppyConfig   `mapstructure:",squash"`
	hypervcommon.OutputConfig   `mapstructure:",squash"`
	hypervcommon.SSHConfig      `mapstructure:",squash"`
	hypervcommon.RunConfig      `mapstructure:",squash"`
	hypervcommon.ShutdownConfig `mapstructure:",squash"`

	// The size, in megabytes, of the hard disk to create for the VM.
	// By default, this is 130048 (about 127 GB).
	DiskSize uint `mapstructure:"disk_size"`
	// The size, in megabytes, of the computer memory in the VM.
	// By default, this is 1024 (about 1 GB).
	RamSize uint `mapstructure:"ram_size"`
	// A list of files to place onto a floppy disk that is attached when the
	// VM is booted. This is most useful for unattended Windows installs,
	// which look for an Autounattend.xml file on removable media. By default,
	// no floppy will be attached. All files listed in this setting get
	// placed into the root directory of the floppy and the floppy is attached
	// as the first floppy device. Currently, no support exists for creating
	// sub-directories on the floppy. Wildcard characters (*, ?, and [])
	// are allowed. Directory names are also allowed, which will add all
	// the files found in the directory to the floppy.
	FloppyFiles []string `mapstructure:"floppy_files"`
	SecondaryDvdImages []string `mapstructure:"secondary_iso_images"`

	// Should integration services iso be mounted
	GuestAdditionsMode string `mapstructure:"guest_additions_mode"`

	// The path to the integration services iso
	GuestAdditionsPath string `mapstructure:"guest_additions_path"`

	// This is the name of the new virtual machine.
	// By default this is "packer-BUILDNAME", where "BUILDNAME" is the name of the build.
	VMName string `mapstructure:"vm_name"`

	BootCommand                    []string `mapstructure:"boot_command"`
	SwitchName                     string   `mapstructure:"switch_name"`
	SwitchVlanId                   string   `mapstructure:"switch_vlan_id"`
	VlanId                         string   `mapstructure:"vlan_id"`
	Cpu                            uint     `mapstructure:"cpu"`
	Generation                     uint     `mapstructure:"generation"`
	EnableMacSpoofing              bool     `mapstructure:"enable_mac_spoofing"`
	EnableDynamicMemory            bool     `mapstructure:"enable_dynamic_memory"`
	EnableSecureBoot               bool     `mapstructure:"enable_secure_boot"`
	EnableVirtualizationExtensions bool     `mapstructure:"enable_virtualization_extensions"`

	Communicator string `mapstructure:"communicator"`

	SkipCompaction bool `mapstructure:"skip_compaction"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

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