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Package spec specifies valid audio formats



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type AudioFormat

type AudioFormat string

AudioFormat represents the bit allocation for a single sample of audio

const AudioF32 AudioFormat = "F32"

AudioF32 is floating-point 32-bit sample (per channel)

const AudioF64 AudioFormat = "F64"

AudioF64 is floating-point 64-bit sample (per channel)

const AudioS16 AudioFormat = "S16"

AudioS16 is signed-integer 16-bit sample (per channel)

const AudioS32 AudioFormat = "S32"

AudioS32 is signed-integer 32-bit sample (per channel)

const AudioS8 AudioFormat = "S8"

AudioS8 is signed-integer 8-bit sample (per channel)

const AudioU16 AudioFormat = "U16"

AudioU16 is unsigned-integer 16-bit sample (per channel)

const AudioU8 AudioFormat = "U8"

AudioU8 is unsigned-integer 8-bit sample (per channel)

type AudioSpec

type AudioSpec struct {
	Freq     float64
	Format   AudioFormat
	Channels int
	Length   time.Duration

AudioSpec represents the frequency, format, # channels and sample rate of any audio I/O

func (*AudioSpec) Validate

func (spec *AudioSpec) Validate()

Validate these specs

type Tz

type Tz uint64

Tz is the unit of measurement of samples-over-time, e.g. for 48000Hz playback there are 48,000 Tz in 1 second.

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