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Package cloudwatchlogs scopes CloudWatchLogs-specific utiltities for Sparta



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type AWSLogs

type AWSLogs struct {
	// Data is the raw, gzip'd, Base64 encoded payload.  Use
	// DecodedData() to access the log entries
	Data string `json:"data"`

AWSLogs is the primary key scoping CloudWatchLogs data in the lambda event

func (*AWSLogs) DecodedData

func (awsLogs *AWSLogs) DecodedData() (*CloudWatchLogEvent, error)

DecodedData returns the Base64 decoded, gunzip'd decoded data per You should expect to see a response with an array of Amazon Kinesis. The Data attribute in the Amazon Kinesis record is Base64 encoded and compressed with the gzip format. You can examine the raw data from the command line using the following Unix commands: echo -n "<Content of Data>" | base64 -d | zcat

type CloudWatchLogEvent

type CloudWatchLogEvent struct {
	MessageType         string     `json:"messageType"`
	Owner               string     `json:"owner"`
	LogGroup            string     `json:"logGroup"`
	LogStream           string     `json:"logStream"`
	SubscriptionFilters []string   `json:"subscriptionFilters"`
	LogEvents           []LogEvent `json:"logEvents"`

CloudWatchLogEvent represents the base64 decoded, gunzip'd data

type Event

type Event struct {
	AWSLogs AWSLogs `json:"awslogs"`

Event data

type LogEvent

type LogEvent struct {
	ID        string `json:"id"`
	Timestamp int64  `json:"timestamp"`
	Message   string `json:"message"`

LogEvent represents an entry to process

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