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Package watcher implements filesystem notification,.



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const (
	// NONE means no event, initial state.
	NONE = iota
	// CREATED means file was created.
	// DELETED means file was deleted.
	// MODIFIED means file was modified.
	// PERM means changed permissions
	// NOEXIST means file does not exist.
	// NOPERM means no permissions for the file (see const block comment).
	// INVALID means any type of error not represented above.
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const (
	// IgnoreThresholdRange is the amount of time in ns to ignore when
	// receiving watch events for the same file
	IgnoreThresholdRange = 50 * 1000000 // convert to ms
	// WatchDelay is the time to poll the file system
	WatchDelay = 1100 * time.Millisecond


This section is empty.


func DefaultIsIgnorePath

func DefaultIsIgnorePath(path string) bool

DefaultIsIgnorePath checks whether a path is ignored. Currently defaults to hidden files on *nix systems, ie they start with a ".".


type FileEvent

type FileEvent struct {
	Event    int
	Path     string
	UnixNano int64

FileEvent is a wrapper around

func (*FileEvent) String added in v1.3.0

func (fe *FileEvent) String() string

String returns an eye friendly version of this event.

type Watcher

type Watcher struct {
	Event chan *FileEvent
	Error chan error
	//default ignore all file start with "."
	IsIgnorePath func(path string) bool
	//default is nil,if is nil ,error send through Error chan,if is not nil,error handle by this func
	ErrorHandler func(err error)
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Watcher is a wrapper around which adds some additional features:

- recursive directory watch - buffer to even chan - even time

Original work from

func NewWatcher

func NewWatcher(bufferSize int) (watcher *Watcher, err error)

NewWatcher creates an instance of watcher.

func (*Watcher) Close

func (w *Watcher) Close() error

Close closes the watcher channels.

func (*Watcher) GetErrorChan

func (w *Watcher) GetErrorChan() chan error

GetErrorChan gets error chan.

func (*Watcher) GetEventChan

func (w *Watcher) GetEventChan() chan *FileEvent

GetEventChan gets event chan.

func (*Watcher) WatchRecursive

func (w *Watcher) WatchRecursive(path string) error

WatchRecursive watches a directory recursively. If a dir is created within directory it is also watched.

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