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Package runner contains a utility to run Docker containers

Create a RunHelper with NewRunHelper and then create new run instances with New()



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type RunHelper

type RunHelper struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewRunHelper

func NewRunHelper(client *docker.Client) *RunHelper

func (*RunHelper) New

func (h *RunHelper) New() *Runner

type Runner

type Runner struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Runner is a helper to run new containers on Docker

func (*Runner) Bind

func (h *Runner) Bind(binds ...string) *Runner

Bind tells Docker to bind host dirs to container dirs

func (*Runner) Command

func (h *Runner) Command(cmd ...string) *Runner

Command sets the command to run

func (*Runner) Copy added in v1.5.0

func (h *Runner) Copy(contents map[string][]byte) *Runner

func (*Runner) Create

func (h *Runner) Create() (string, error)

func (*Runner) DNS added in v1.5.0

func (h *Runner) DNS(address ...string) *Runner

func (*Runner) DiscardContainer

func (h *Runner) DiscardContainer() *Runner

DiscardContainer if true will cause the container to be removed when done executing. Will be ignored in the case of Start

func (*Runner) Entrypoint

func (h *Runner) Entrypoint(cmd ...string) *Runner

Entrypoint sets the entrypoint to use when running

func (*Runner) Env

func (h *Runner) Env(env ...string) *Runner

Env tells Docker to add environment variables to the container getting started

func (*Runner) HostNetwork

func (h *Runner) HostNetwork() *Runner

HostNetwork tells Docker to run using the host's Network namespace

func (*Runner) HostPid

func (h *Runner) HostPid() *Runner

HostPid tells Docker to run using the host's pid namespace

func (*Runner) Image

func (h *Runner) Image(image string) *Runner

Image sets the image to run

func (*Runner) Name

func (h *Runner) Name(name string) *Runner

Name sets the name of the container to create

func (*Runner) Output

func (h *Runner) Output() (string, string, int, error)

Output starts the container, waits for it to finish and returns its output

func (*Runner) PortForward

func (h *Runner) PortForward(local, remote int) *Runner

func (*Runner) Privileged

func (h *Runner) Privileged() *Runner

Privileged tells Docker to run the container as privileged

func (*Runner) Run

func (h *Runner) Run() (int, error)

Run executes the container and waits until it completes

func (*Runner) Start

func (h *Runner) Start() (string, error)

Start starts the container as a daemon and returns

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