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const (
	FlagMasterConfigName        = "master-config"
	FlagNodeConfigName          = "node-config"
	FlagClusterContextName      = "cluster-context"
	FlagLevelName               = "diaglevel"
	FlagIsHostName              = "host"
	FlagImageTemplateName       = "images"
	FlagLatestImageName         = "latest-images"
	FlagPreventModificationName = "prevent-modification"
	FlagNetworkDiagLogDir       = "network-logdir"
	FlagNetworkDiagPodImage     = "network-pod-image"

Constants for names of flags on the command (if not k8s flags).


This section is empty.


func BindLoggerOptionFlags

func BindLoggerOptionFlags(cmdFlags *pflag.FlagSet, loggerOptions *log.LoggerOptions, flags LoggerOptionFlags)

BindLoggerOptionFlags binds flags to LoggerOptionFlags.


type FlagInfo

type FlagInfo kclientcmd.FlagInfo

FlagInfos serve as a customizable intermediary between the command flags and the options object they feed into. This enables reuse of the flags and options with tweaked definitions in different contexts if necessary. The kube type is reused to add binding methods.

func (FlagInfo) BindBoolFlag

func (i FlagInfo) BindBoolFlag(flags *pflag.FlagSet, target *bool)

kube method

func (FlagInfo) BindIntFlag

func (i FlagInfo) BindIntFlag(flags *pflag.FlagSet, target *int)

BindIntFlag binds a flag that expects an integer value.

func (FlagInfo) BindListFlag

func (i FlagInfo) BindListFlag(flags *pflag.FlagSet, target *[]string)

BindListFlag binds a flag that expects a kube list value. Note that if the target comes pre-populated, that list is not erased; anything the user puts in the flag is added on. This is probably a bug in k8s impl of StringList.

func (FlagInfo) BindStringFlag

func (i FlagInfo) BindStringFlag(flags *pflag.FlagSet, target *string)

kube method

type LoggerOptionFlags

type LoggerOptionFlags struct {
	Level FlagInfo

LoggerOptionFlags enable the user to specify how they want output.

func RecommendedLoggerOptionFlags

func RecommendedLoggerOptionFlags() LoggerOptionFlags

RecommendedLoggerOptionFlags provides default overrideable Logger flag specifications to be bound to options.

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