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Package analysis provides functions that analyse routes and setup markers that will be reported by oc status



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const (
	// MissingRoutePortWarning is returned when a route has no route port specified
	// and the service it routes to has multiple ports.
	MissingRoutePortWarning = "MissingRoutePort"
	// WrongRoutePortWarning is returned when a route has a route port specified
	// but the service it points to has no such port (either as a named port or as
	// a target port).
	WrongRoutePortWarning = "WrongRoutePort"
	// MissingServiceWarning is returned when there is no service for the specific route.
	MissingServiceWarning = "MissingService"
	// MissingTLSTerminationTypeErr is returned when a route with a tls config doesn't
	// specify a tls termination type.
	MissingTLSTerminationTypeErr = "MissingTLSTermination"
	// PathBasedPassthroughErr is returned when a path based route is passthrough
	// terminated.
	PathBasedPassthroughErr = "PathBasedPassthrough"
	// MissingTLSTerminationTypeErr is returned when a route with a tls config doesn't
	// specify a tls termination type.
	RouteNotAdmittedTypeErr = "RouteNotAdmitted"
	// MissingRequiredRouterErr is returned when no router has been setup.
	MissingRequiredRouterErr = "MissingRequiredRouter"


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func FindMissingRouter added in v1.1.5

func FindMissingRouter(g osgraph.Graph, f osgraph.Namer) []osgraph.Marker

FindMissingRouter creates markers for all routes in case there is no running router.

func FindMissingTLSTerminationType added in v1.1.1

func FindMissingTLSTerminationType(g osgraph.Graph, f osgraph.Namer) []osgraph.Marker

func FindPathBasedPassthroughRoutes added in v1.1.2

func FindPathBasedPassthroughRoutes(g osgraph.Graph, f osgraph.Namer) []osgraph.Marker

func FindPortMappingIssues added in v1.1.4

func FindPortMappingIssues(g osgraph.Graph, f osgraph.Namer) []osgraph.Marker

FindPortMappingIssues checks all routes and reports any issues related to their ports. Also non-existent services for routes are reported here.

func FindRouteAdmissionFailures added in v1.1.4

func FindRouteAdmissionFailures(g osgraph.Graph, f osgraph.Namer) []osgraph.Marker

FindRouteAdmissionFailures creates markers for any routes that were rejected by their routers


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