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const (
	// Maximum VXLAN Virtual Network Identifier(VNID) as per RFC#7348
	MaxVNID = uint32((1 << 24) - 1)
	// VNID: 1 to 9 are internally reserved for any special cases in the future
	MinVNID = uint32(10)
	// VNID: 0 reserved for default namespace and can reach any network in the cluster
	GlobalVNID = uint32(0)


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func ValidVNID added in v3.11.0

func ValidVNID(vnid uint32) error

Check if the given vnid is valid or not

func ValidateClusterNetwork

func ValidateClusterNetwork(clusterNet *networkapi.ClusterNetwork) field.ErrorList

ValidateClusterNetwork tests if required fields in the ClusterNetwork are set, and ensures that the "default" ClusterNetwork can only be set to the correct values

func ValidateEgressNetworkPolicy

func ValidateEgressNetworkPolicy(policy *networkapi.EgressNetworkPolicy) field.ErrorList

ValidateEgressNetworkPolicy tests if required fields in the EgressNetworkPolicy are set.

func ValidateHostSubnet

func ValidateHostSubnet(hs *networkapi.HostSubnet) field.ErrorList

func ValidateHostSubnetUpdate

func ValidateHostSubnetUpdate(obj *networkapi.HostSubnet, old *networkapi.HostSubnet) field.ErrorList

func ValidateNetNamespace

func ValidateNetNamespace(netnamespace *networkapi.NetNamespace) field.ErrorList

ValidateNetNamespace tests fields for a greater-than-zero NetID

func ValidateNetNamespaceUpdate

func ValidateNetNamespaceUpdate(obj *networkapi.NetNamespace, old *networkapi.NetNamespace) field.ErrorList


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