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const (
	// TriggersDeploymentEdgeKind points from DeploymentConfigs to ImageStreamTags that trigger the deployment
	TriggersDeploymentEdgeKind = "TriggersDeployment"
	// UsedInDeploymentEdgeKind points from DeploymentConfigs to DockerImageReferences that are used in the deployment
	UsedInDeploymentEdgeKind = "UsedInDeployment"
	// DeploymentEdgeKind points from DeploymentConfigs to the ReplicationControllers that are fulfilling the deployment
	DeploymentEdgeKind = "Deployment"
	// VolumeClaimEdgeKind goes from DeploymentConfigs to PersistentVolumeClaims indicating a request for persistent storage.
	VolumeClaimEdgeKind = "VolumeClaim"
	// ManagedByControllerEdgeKind goes from Pod to controller when the Pod satisfies a controller's label selector
	ManagedByControllerEdgeKind = "ManagedByController"


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func AddAllDeploymentConfigsDeploymentEdges

func AddAllDeploymentConfigsDeploymentEdges(g osgraph.MutableUniqueGraph)

func AddAllTriggerDeploymentConfigsEdges

func AddAllTriggerDeploymentConfigsEdges(g osgraph.MutableUniqueGraph)

func AddAllVolumeClaimEdges

func AddAllVolumeClaimEdges(g osgraph.Graph)

func AddTriggerDeploymentConfigsEdges

func AddTriggerDeploymentConfigsEdges(g osgraph.MutableUniqueGraph, node *appsgraph.DeploymentConfigNode) *appsgraph.DeploymentConfigNode

AddTriggerDeploymentConfigsEdges creates edges that point to named Docker image repositories for each image used in the deployment.

func AddVolumeClaimEdges

func AddVolumeClaimEdges(g osgraph.Graph, dcNode *appsgraph.DeploymentConfigNode)

func BelongsToDeploymentConfig

func BelongsToDeploymentConfig(config *appsv1.DeploymentConfig, b *corev1.ReplicationController) bool

func EachTemplateImage

func EachTemplateImage(pod *corev1.PodSpec, triggerFn TriggeredByFunc, fn func(TemplateImage, error))

EachTemplateImage iterates a pod spec, looking for triggers that match each container and invoking fn with each located image.

func RelevantDeployments

RelevantDeployments returns the active deployment and a list of inactive deployments (in order from newest to oldest)


type RecentDeploymentReferences

type RecentDeploymentReferences []*kubegraph.ReplicationControllerNode

func (RecentDeploymentReferences) Len

func (RecentDeploymentReferences) Less

func (m RecentDeploymentReferences) Less(i, j int) bool

func (RecentDeploymentReferences) Swap

func (m RecentDeploymentReferences) Swap(i, j int)

type TemplateImage

type TemplateImage struct {
	Image string

	Ref *imageapi.DockerImageReference

	From *corev1.ObjectReference

	Container *corev1.Container

TemplateImage is a structure for helping a caller iterate over a PodSpec

func IgnoreTriggers

func IgnoreTriggers(container *corev1.Container) (TemplateImage, bool)

IgnoreTriggers ignores the triggers

func TemplateImageForContainer

func TemplateImageForContainer(pod *corev1.PodSpec, triggerFn TriggeredByFunc, containerName string) (TemplateImage, error)

TemplateImageForContainer locates the requested container in a pod spec, returning information about the trigger (if it exists), or an error.

type TriggeredByFunc

type TriggeredByFunc func(container *corev1.Container) (TemplateImage, bool)

TriggeredByFunc returns a TemplateImage or error from the provided container

func DeploymentConfigHasTrigger

func DeploymentConfigHasTrigger(config *appsv1.DeploymentConfig) TriggeredByFunc

DeploymentConfigHasTrigger returns a function that can identify the image for each container.


Path Synopsis
Package analysis provides functions that analyse deployment configurations and setup markers that will be reported by oc status
Package analysis provides functions that analyse deployment configurations and setup markers that will be reported by oc status

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