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type CSRF

type CSRF interface {
	// Generate returns a CSRF token suitable for inclusion in a form
	Generate(http.ResponseWriter, *http.Request) string
	// Check returns true if the given token is valid for the given request
	Check(*http.Request, string) bool

CSRF handles generating a csrf value, and checking the submitted value

func NewCookieCSRF

func NewCookieCSRF(name, path, domain string, secure bool) CSRF

NewCookieCSRF stores random CSRF tokens in a cookie created with the given options. Empty CSRF tokens or tokens that do not match the value of the cookie on the request are rejected.

type FakeCSRF

type FakeCSRF struct {
	Token string

FakeCSRF returns the given token and error for testing purposes

func (*FakeCSRF) Check

func (c *FakeCSRF) Check(req *http.Request, value string) bool

Check implements the CSRF interface

func (*FakeCSRF) Generate

func (c *FakeCSRF) Generate(w http.ResponseWriter, req *http.Request) string

Generate implements the CSRF interface

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