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type Attrib

type Attrib int32

type Bitfield

type Bitfield uint32

type Buffer

type Buffer uint32

type Clampd

type Clampd float64

type Clampf

type Clampf float32

type Context

type Context struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    A Context represents an OpenGL context that may be rendered on by the version-specific APIs under this package.

    type Contexter

    type Contexter interface {
    	GLContext() *Context

      Contexter is implemented by values that have an assigned OpenGL context.

      type Enum

      type Enum uint32

      type Framebuffer

      type Framebuffer uint32

      type Program

      type Program uint32

      type Renderbuffer

      type Renderbuffer uint32

      type Shader

      type Shader uint32

      type Sync

      type Sync uintptr

      type Texture

      type Texture uint32

      type Uniform

      type Uniform int32

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