Package sideband implements a sideband mutiplex/demultiplexer



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    const (
    	// Sideband legacy sideband type up to 1000-byte messages
    	Sideband Type = iota
    	// Sideband64k sideband type up to 65519-byte messages
    	Sideband64k Type = iota
    	// MaxPackedSize for Sideband type
    	MaxPackedSize = 1000
    	// MaxPackedSize64k for Sideband64k type
    	MaxPackedSize64k = 65520


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    var ErrMaxPackedExceeded = errors.New("max. packed size exceeded")

      ErrMaxPackedExceeded returned by Read, if the maximum packed size is exceeded


      This section is empty.


      type Channel

      type Channel byte

        Channel sideband channel

        const (
        	// PackData packfile content
        	PackData Channel = 1
        	// ProgressMessage progress messages
        	ProgressMessage Channel = 2
        	// ErrorMessage fatal error message just before stream aborts
        	ErrorMessage Channel = 3

        func (Channel) WithPayload

        func (ch Channel) WithPayload(payload []byte) []byte

          WithPayload encode the payload as a message

          type Demuxer

          type Demuxer struct {
          	// Progress is where the progress messages are stored
          	Progress Progress
          	// contains filtered or unexported fields

            Demuxer demultiplexes the progress reports and error info interleaved with the packfile itself.

            A sideband has three different channels the main one, called PackData, contains the packfile data; the ErrorMessage channel, that contains server errors; and the last one, ProgressMessage channel, containing information about the ongoing task happening in the server (optional, can be suppressed sending NoProgress or Quiet capabilities to the server)

            In order to demultiplex the data stream, method `Read` should be called to retrieve the PackData channel, the incoming data from the ProgressMessage is written at `Progress` (if any), if any message is retrieved from the ErrorMessage channel an error is returned and we can assume that the connection has been closed.

            func NewDemuxer

            func NewDemuxer(t Type, r io.Reader) *Demuxer

              NewDemuxer returns a new Demuxer for the given t and read from r

              func (*Demuxer) Read

              func (d *Demuxer) Read(b []byte) (n int, err error)

                Read reads up to len(p) bytes from the PackData channel into p, an error can be return if an error happens when reading or if a message is sent in the ErrorMessage channel.

                When a ProgressMessage is read, is not copy to b, instead of this is written to the Progress

                type Muxer

                type Muxer struct {
                	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                  Muxer multiplex the packfile along with the progress messages and the error information. The multiplex is perform using pktline format.

                  func NewMuxer

                  func NewMuxer(t Type, w io.Writer) *Muxer

                    NewMuxer returns a new Muxer for the given t that writes on w.

                    If t is equal to `Sideband` the max pack size is set to MaxPackedSize, in any other value is given, max pack is set to MaxPackedSize64k, that is the maximum length of a line in pktline format.

                    func (*Muxer) Write

                    func (m *Muxer) Write(p []byte) (int, error)

                      Write writes p in the PackData channel

                      func (*Muxer) WriteChannel

                      func (m *Muxer) WriteChannel(t Channel, p []byte) (int, error)

                        WriteChannel writes p in the given channel. This method can be used with any channel, but is recommend use it only for the ProgressMessage and ErrorMessage channels and use Write for the PackData channel

                        type Progress

                        type Progress interface {

                          Progress where the progress information is stored

                          type Type

                          type Type int8

                            Type sideband type "side-band" or "side-band-64k"