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Published: Aug 1, 2019 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


Package transport includes the implementation for different transport protocols.

`Client` can be used to fetch and send packfiles to a git server. The `client` package provides higher level functions to instantiate the appropriate `Client` based on the repository URL.

go-git supports HTTP and SSH (see `Protocols`), but you can also install your own protocols (see the `client` package).

Each protocol has its own implementation of `Client`, but you should generally not use them directly, use `client.NewClient` instead.


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const (
	UploadPackServiceName  = "git-upload-pack"
	ReceivePackServiceName = "git-receive-pack"


var (
	ErrRepositoryNotFound     = errors.New("repository not found")
	ErrEmptyRemoteRepository  = errors.New("remote repository is empty")
	ErrAuthenticationRequired = errors.New("authentication required")
	ErrAuthorizationFailed    = errors.New("authorization failed")
	ErrEmptyUploadPackRequest = errors.New("empty git-upload-pack given")
	ErrInvalidAuthMethod      = errors.New("invalid auth method")
	ErrAlreadyConnected       = errors.New("session already established")
var UnsupportedCapabilities = []capability.Capability{

UnsupportedCapabilities are the capabilities not supported by any client implementation

func FilterUnsupportedCapabilities

func FilterUnsupportedCapabilities(list *capability.List)

FilterUnsupportedCapabilities it filter out all the UnsupportedCapabilities from a capability.List, the intended usage is on the client implementation to filter the capabilities from an AdvRefs message.

type AuthMethod

type AuthMethod interface {
	Name() string

type Endpoint

type Endpoint struct {
	// Protocol is the protocol of the endpoint (e.g. git, https, file).
	Protocol string
	// User is the user.
	User string
	// Password is the password.
	Password string
	// Host is the host.
	Host string
	// Port is the port to connect, if 0 the default port for the given protocol
	// wil be used.
	Port int
	// Path is the repository path.
	Path string

Endpoint represents a Git URL in any supported protocol.

func NewEndpoint

func NewEndpoint(endpoint string) (*Endpoint, error)

func (*Endpoint) String

func (u *Endpoint) String() string

String returns a string representation of the Git URL.

type ReceivePackSession

type ReceivePackSession interface {
	// ReceivePack sends an update references request and a packfile
	// reader and returns a ReportStatus and error. Don't be confused by
	// terminology, the client side of a git-receive-pack is called
	// git-send-pack, although here the same interface is used to make it
	// RPC-like.
	ReceivePack(context.Context, *packp.ReferenceUpdateRequest) (*packp.ReportStatus, error)

ReceivePackSession represents a git-receive-pack session. A git-receive-pack session has two steps: reference discovery (AdvertisedReferences) and receiving pack (ReceivePack). In that order.

type Session

type Session interface {
	// AdvertisedReferences retrieves the advertised references for a
	// repository.
	// If the repository does not exist, returns ErrRepositoryNotFound.
	// If the repository exists, but is empty, returns ErrEmptyRemoteRepository.
	AdvertisedReferences() (*packp.AdvRefs, error)

type Transport

type Transport interface {
	// NewUploadPackSession starts a git-upload-pack session for an endpoint.
	NewUploadPackSession(*Endpoint, AuthMethod) (UploadPackSession, error)
	// NewReceivePackSession starts a git-receive-pack session for an endpoint.
	NewReceivePackSession(*Endpoint, AuthMethod) (ReceivePackSession, error)

Transport can initiate git-upload-pack and git-receive-pack processes. It is implemented both by the client and the server, making this a RPC.

type UploadPackSession

type UploadPackSession interface {
	// UploadPack takes a git-upload-pack request and returns a response,
	// including a packfile. Don't be confused by terminology, the client
	// side of a git-upload-pack is called git-fetch-pack, although here
	// the same interface is used to make it RPC-like.
	UploadPack(context.Context, *packp.UploadPackRequest) (*packp.UploadPackResponse, error)

UploadPackSession represents a git-upload-pack session. A git-upload-pack session has two steps: reference discovery (AdvertisedReferences) and uploading pack (UploadPack).

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