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The latest major version is v1.

Published: May 30, 2017 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:
Path Synopsis
whauth Package whauth provides some helper methods and handlers for dealing with HTTP basic auth
whcache Package whcache provides a mechanism for per-request computation caching Sometimes you have a helper method that performs a computation or interacts with a datastore or remote resource, and that helper method gets called repeatedly.
whcompat Package whcompat provides webhelp compatibility across different Go releases.
wherr Package wherr provides a unified error handling framework for http.Handlers.
whfatal Package whfatal uses panics to make early termination of http.Handlers easier.
whgls Package whgls provides webhelp tools that use grossness enabled by the package.
whjson Package whjson provides some nice utilities for dealing with JSON-based APIs, such as a good JSON wherr.Handler.
whlog Package whlog provides functionality to log incoming requests and results.
whmon Package whmon provides a means to monitor various aspects of how the request and response is going.
whmux Package whmux provides some useful request mux helpers for demultiplexing requests to one of a number of handlers.
whparse Package whparse provides some convenient input parsing helpers.
whredir Package whredir provides some helper methods and handlers for redirecting incoming requests to other URLs.
whroute Package whroute provides utilities to implement route listing, whereby http.Handlers that opt in can list what routes they understand.
whsess package whsess is a lightweight session storage mechanism for the webhelp package.
whtmpl Package whtmpl provides some helpful utilities for constructing and using lots of html/templates