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type BuildIndexOptionsInterface

type BuildIndexOptionsInterface interface {
	BuildIndexOptions([]schema.IndexOption, *gorm.Statement) []interface{}

type Config

type Config struct {
	CreateIndexAfterCreateTable bool
	DB                          *gorm.DB

Config schema config

type GormDataTypeInterface

type GormDataTypeInterface interface {
	GormDBDataType(*gorm.DB, *schema.Field) string

type Migrator

type Migrator struct {

Migrator m struct

func (Migrator) AddColumn

func (m Migrator) AddColumn(value interface{}, field string) error

func (Migrator) AlterColumn

func (m Migrator) AlterColumn(value interface{}, field string) error

func (Migrator) AutoMigrate

func (m Migrator) AutoMigrate(values ...interface{}) error


func (Migrator) BuildIndexOptions

func (m Migrator) BuildIndexOptions(opts []schema.IndexOption, stmt *gorm.Statement) (results []interface{})

func (Migrator) ColumnTypes

func (m Migrator) ColumnTypes(value interface{}) (columnTypes []gorm.ColumnType, err error)

func (Migrator) CreateConstraint

func (m Migrator) CreateConstraint(value interface{}, name string) error

func (Migrator) CreateIndex

func (m Migrator) CreateIndex(value interface{}, name string) error

func (Migrator) CreateTable

func (m Migrator) CreateTable(values ...interface{}) error

func (Migrator) CreateView

func (m Migrator) CreateView(name string, option gorm.ViewOption) error

func (Migrator) CurrentDatabase

func (m Migrator) CurrentDatabase() (name string)

func (Migrator) CurrentTable

func (m Migrator) CurrentTable(stmt *gorm.Statement) interface{}

func (Migrator) DataTypeOf

func (m Migrator) DataTypeOf(field *schema.Field) string

func (Migrator) DropColumn

func (m Migrator) DropColumn(value interface{}, name string) error

func (Migrator) DropConstraint

func (m Migrator) DropConstraint(value interface{}, name string) error

func (Migrator) DropIndex

func (m Migrator) DropIndex(value interface{}, name string) error

func (Migrator) DropTable

func (m Migrator) DropTable(values ...interface{}) error

func (Migrator) DropView

func (m Migrator) DropView(name string) error

func (Migrator) FullDataTypeOf

func (m Migrator) FullDataTypeOf(field *schema.Field) (expr clause.Expr)

func (Migrator) GuessConstraintAndTable

func (m Migrator) GuessConstraintAndTable(stmt *gorm.Statement, name string) (_ *schema.Constraint, _ *schema.Check, table string)

func (Migrator) HasColumn

func (m Migrator) HasColumn(value interface{}, field string) bool

func (Migrator) HasConstraint

func (m Migrator) HasConstraint(value interface{}, name string) bool

func (Migrator) HasIndex

func (m Migrator) HasIndex(value interface{}, name string) bool

func (Migrator) HasTable

func (m Migrator) HasTable(value interface{}) bool

func (Migrator) MigrateColumn

func (m Migrator) MigrateColumn(value interface{}, field *schema.Field, columnType gorm.ColumnType) error

func (Migrator) RenameColumn

func (m Migrator) RenameColumn(value interface{}, oldName, newName string) error

func (Migrator) RenameIndex

func (m Migrator) RenameIndex(value interface{}, oldName, newName string) error

func (Migrator) RenameTable

func (m Migrator) RenameTable(oldName, newName interface{}) error

func (Migrator) ReorderModels

func (m Migrator) ReorderModels(values []interface{}, autoAdd bool) (results []interface{})

ReorderModels reorder models according to constraint dependencies

func (Migrator) RunWithValue

func (m Migrator) RunWithValue(value interface{}, fc func(*gorm.Statement) error) error

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