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func AfterCreate

func AfterCreate(db *gorm.DB)

func AfterDelete

func AfterDelete(db *gorm.DB)

func AfterQuery

func AfterQuery(db *gorm.DB)

func AfterUpdate

func AfterUpdate(db *gorm.DB)

func BeforeCreate

func BeforeCreate(db *gorm.DB)

func BeforeDelete

func BeforeDelete(db *gorm.DB)

func BeforeUpdate

func BeforeUpdate(db *gorm.DB)

func BeginTransaction

func BeginTransaction(db *gorm.DB)

func BuildQuerySQL

func BuildQuerySQL(db *gorm.DB)

func CommitOrRollbackTransaction

func CommitOrRollbackTransaction(db *gorm.DB)

func ConvertMapToValuesForCreate

func ConvertMapToValuesForCreate(stmt *gorm.Statement, mapValue map[string]interface{}) (values clause.Values)

    ConvertMapToValuesForCreate convert map to values

    func ConvertSliceOfMapToValuesForCreate

    func ConvertSliceOfMapToValuesForCreate(stmt *gorm.Statement, mapValues []map[string]interface{}) (values clause.Values)

      ConvertSliceOfMapToValuesForCreate convert slice of map to values

      func ConvertToAssignments

      func ConvertToAssignments(stmt *gorm.Statement) (set clause.Set)

        ConvertToAssignments convert to update assignments

        func ConvertToCreateValues

        func ConvertToCreateValues(stmt *gorm.Statement) (values clause.Values)

          ConvertToCreateValues convert to create values

          func Create

          func Create(config *Config) func(db *gorm.DB)

          func CreateWithReturning

          func CreateWithReturning(db *gorm.DB)

          func Delete

          func Delete(db *gorm.DB)

          func DeleteBeforeAssociations

          func DeleteBeforeAssociations(db *gorm.DB)

          func Preload

          func Preload(db *gorm.DB)

          func Query

          func Query(db *gorm.DB)

          func RawExec

          func RawExec(db *gorm.DB)

          func RegisterDefaultCallbacks

          func RegisterDefaultCallbacks(db *gorm.DB, config *Config)

          func RowQuery

          func RowQuery(db *gorm.DB)

          func SaveAfterAssociations

          func SaveAfterAssociations(create bool) func(db *gorm.DB)

          func SaveBeforeAssociations

          func SaveBeforeAssociations(create bool) func(db *gorm.DB)

          func SetupUpdateReflectValue

          func SetupUpdateReflectValue(db *gorm.DB)

          func Update

          func Update(db *gorm.DB)


          type AfterCreateInterface

          type AfterCreateInterface interface {
          	AfterCreate(*gorm.DB) error

          type AfterDeleteInterface

          type AfterDeleteInterface interface {
          	AfterDelete(*gorm.DB) error

          type AfterFindInterface

          type AfterFindInterface interface {
          	AfterFind(*gorm.DB) error

          type AfterSaveInterface

          type AfterSaveInterface interface {
          	AfterSave(*gorm.DB) error

          type AfterUpdateInterface

          type AfterUpdateInterface interface {
          	AfterUpdate(*gorm.DB) error

          type BeforeCreateInterface

          type BeforeCreateInterface interface {
          	BeforeCreate(*gorm.DB) error

          type BeforeDeleteInterface

          type BeforeDeleteInterface interface {
          	BeforeDelete(*gorm.DB) error

          type BeforeSaveInterface

          type BeforeSaveInterface interface {
          	BeforeSave(*gorm.DB) error

          type BeforeUpdateInterface

          type BeforeUpdateInterface interface {
          	BeforeUpdate(*gorm.DB) error

          type Config

          type Config struct {
          	LastInsertIDReversed bool
          	WithReturning        bool
          	CreateClauses        []string
          	QueryClauses         []string
          	UpdateClauses        []string
          	DeleteClauses        []string