Package junitxml creates a JUnit XML report from a testjson.Execution.



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    func Write

    func Write(out io.Writer, exec *testjson.Execution, cfg Config) error

      Write creates an XML document and writes it to out.


      type Config

      type Config struct {
      	FormatTestSuiteName     FormatFunc
      	FormatTestCaseClassname FormatFunc

        Config used to write a junit XML document.

        type FormatFunc

        type FormatFunc func(string) string

          FormatFunc converts a string from one format into another.

          type JUnitFailure

          type JUnitFailure struct {
          	Message  string `xml:"message,attr"`
          	Type     string `xml:"type,attr"`
          	Contents string `xml:",chardata"`

            JUnitFailure contains data related to a failed test.

            type JUnitProperty

            type JUnitProperty struct {
            	Name  string `xml:"name,attr"`
            	Value string `xml:"value,attr"`

              JUnitProperty represents a key/value pair used to define properties.

              type JUnitSkipMessage

              type JUnitSkipMessage struct {
              	Message string `xml:"message,attr"`

                JUnitSkipMessage contains the reason why a testcase was skipped.

                type JUnitTestCase

                type JUnitTestCase struct {
                	XMLName     xml.Name          `xml:"testcase"`
                	Classname   string            `xml:"classname,attr"`
                	Name        string            `xml:"name,attr"`
                	Time        string            `xml:"time,attr"`
                	SkipMessage *JUnitSkipMessage `xml:"skipped,omitempty"`
                	Failure     *JUnitFailure     `xml:"failure,omitempty"`

                  JUnitTestCase is a single test case with its result.

                  type JUnitTestSuite

                  type JUnitTestSuite struct {
                  	XMLName    xml.Name        `xml:"testsuite"`
                  	Tests      int             `xml:"tests,attr"`
                  	Failures   int             `xml:"failures,attr"`
                  	Time       string          `xml:"time,attr"`
                  	Name       string          `xml:"name,attr"`
                  	Properties []JUnitProperty `xml:"properties>property,omitempty"`
                  	TestCases  []JUnitTestCase

                    JUnitTestSuite is a single JUnit test suite which may contain many testcases.

                    type JUnitTestSuites

                    type JUnitTestSuites struct {
                    	XMLName xml.Name `xml:"testsuites"`
                    	Suites  []JUnitTestSuite

                      JUnitTestSuites is a collection of JUnit test suites.

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