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Package gotestyourself

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The latest major version is v3.

Published: Mar 21, 2018 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:
Path Synopsis
assert Package assert provides assertions for comparing expected values to actual values.
assert/cmd/gty-migrate-from-testify Command gty-migrate-from-testify migrates packages from testify/assert and testify/require to gotestyourself/assert.
assert/cmp Package cmp provides Comparisons for Assert and Check
assert/opt Package opt provides common go-cmp.Options for use with assert.DeepEqual.
env Package env provides functions to test code that read environment variables or the current working directory.
fs Package fs provides tools for creating temporary files, and testing the contents and structure of a directory.
golden Package golden provides tools for comparing large mutli-line strings.
icmd Package icmd executes binaries and provides convenient assertions for testing the results.
internal/difflib Package difflib is a partial port of Python difflib module.
poll Package poll provides tools for testing asynchronous code.
skip Package skip provides functions for skipping based on a condition.
testsum Package testsum is DEPRECATED.
x Package x is a namespace for other packages.
x/subtest Package subtest provides a TestContext to subtests which handles cleanup, and provides a testing.TB, and context.Context.