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Published: Mar 21, 2018 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


Package env provides functions to test code that read environment variables or the current working directory.



func ChangeWorkingDir

func ChangeWorkingDir(t assert.TestingT, dir string) func()

ChangeWorkingDir to the directory, and return a function which restores the previous working directory.

func Patch

func Patch(t assert.TestingT, key, value string) func()

Patch changes the value of an environment variable, and returns a function which will reset the the value of that variable back to the previous state.


Patch an environment variable and defer to return to the previous state


defer Patch(t, "PATH", "/custom/path")()

func PatchAll

func PatchAll(t assert.TestingT, env map[string]string) func()

PatchAll sets the environment to env, and returns a function which will reset the environment back to the previous state.


Patch all environment variables


defer PatchAll(t, map[string]string{
	"ONE": "FOO",
	"TWO": "BAR",

func ToMap

func ToMap(env []string) map[string]string

ToMap takes a list of strings in the format returned by os.Environ() and returns a mapping of keys to values.

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