Package testsum is DEPRECATED.

    This functionality is now available from `go tool test2json` in the stdlib.

    Package testsum provides functions for parsing `go test -v` output and returning a summary of the test run.

    Build the executable:

    go build -o gotestsum ./testsum/cmd


    go test -v ./... | gotestsum

    Example output:

    === RUN   TestPass
    --- PASS: TestPass (0.00s)
    === RUN   TestSkip
    --- SKIP: TestSkip (0.00s)
    === RUN   TestFail
    Some test output
    --- FAIL: TestFail (0.00s)
            example_test.go:22: some log output
    exit status 1
    FAIL        0.002s
    ======== 3 tests, 1 skipped, 1 failed in 2.28 seconds ========
    --- FAIL: TestFail
    Some test output
            example_test.go:22: some log output



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    type Failure

    type Failure struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      Failure test including output

      func (Failure) String

      func (f Failure) String() string

      type Summary

      type Summary struct {
      	Total    int
      	Skipped  int
      	Elapsed  time.Duration
      	Failures []Failure

        Summary information from a `go test -v` run. Includes counts of tests and a list of failed tests with the test output

        func Scan

        func Scan(in io.Reader, out io.Writer) (*Summary, error)

          Scan reads lines from the reader, echos them to the writer, and parses the lines for `go test -v` output. It returns a summary of the test run.

          func (*Summary) FormatFailures

          func (s *Summary) FormatFailures() string

            FormatFailures returns a string with all the test failure and the test output. Returns a empty string if there are no failures.

            func (*Summary) FormatLine

            func (s *Summary) FormatLine() string

              FormatLine returns a line with counts of tests, skipped, and failed

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