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Published: Nov 11, 2018 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


Package env provides functions to test code that read environment variables or the current working directory.



Package Files

func ChangeWorkingDir

func ChangeWorkingDir(t assert.TestingT, dir string) func()

ChangeWorkingDir to the directory, and return a function which restores the previous working directory.

func Patch

func Patch(t assert.TestingT, key, value string) func()

Patch changes the value of an environment variable, and returns a function which will reset the the value of that variable back to the previous state.


Patch an environment variable and defer to return to the previous state


defer Patch(t, "PATH", "/custom/path")()

func PatchAll

func PatchAll(t assert.TestingT, env map[string]string) func()

PatchAll sets the environment to env, and returns a function which will reset the environment back to the previous state.


Patch all environment variables


defer PatchAll(t, map[string]string{
	"ONE": "FOO",
	"TWO": "BAR",

func ToMap

func ToMap(env []string) map[string]string

ToMap takes a list of strings in the format returned by os.Environ() and returns a mapping of keys to values.

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