Package icmd executes binaries and provides convenient assertions for testing the results.




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    const None = "[NOTHING]"

      None is a token to inform Result.Assert that the output should be empty


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      var Success = Expected{}

        Success is the default expected result. A Success result is one with a 0 ExitCode.


        This section is empty.


        type Cmd

        type Cmd struct {
        	Command []string
        	Timeout time.Duration
        	Stdin   io.Reader
        	Stdout  io.Writer
        	Dir     string
        	Env     []string

          Cmd contains the arguments and options for a process to run as part of a test suite.

          func Command

          func Command(command string, args ...string) Cmd

            Command create a simple Cmd with the specified command and arguments

            type CmdOp

            type CmdOp func(*Cmd)

              CmdOp is an operation which modified a Cmd structure used to execute commands

              func Dir

              func Dir(path string) CmdOp

                Dir sets the working directory of the command

                func WithEnv

                func WithEnv(env ...string) CmdOp

                  WithEnv sets the environment variable of the command. Each arguments are in the form of KEY=VALUE

                  func WithStdin

                  func WithStdin(r io.Reader) CmdOp

                    WithStdin sets the standard input of the command to the specified reader

                    func WithTimeout

                    func WithTimeout(timeout time.Duration) CmdOp

                      WithTimeout sets the timeout duration of the command

                      type Expected

                      type Expected struct {
                      	ExitCode int
                      	Timeout  bool
                      	Error    string
                      	Out      string
                      	Err      string

                        Expected is the expected output from a Command. This struct is compared to a Result struct by Result.Assert().

                        type Result

                        type Result struct {
                        	Cmd      *exec.Cmd
                        	ExitCode int
                        	Error    error
                        	// Timeout is true if the command was killed because it ran for too long
                        	Timeout bool
                        	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                          Result stores the result of running a command

                          func RunCmd

                          func RunCmd(cmd Cmd, cmdOperators ...CmdOp) *Result

                            RunCmd runs a command and returns a Result


                            func RunCommand

                            func RunCommand(command string, args ...string) *Result

                              RunCommand runs a command with default options, and returns a result


                              func StartCmd

                              func StartCmd(cmd Cmd) *Result

                                StartCmd starts a command, but doesn't wait for it to finish

                                func WaitOnCmd

                                func WaitOnCmd(timeout time.Duration, result *Result) *Result

                                  WaitOnCmd waits for a command to complete. If timeout is non-nil then only wait until the timeout.

                                  func (*Result) Assert

                                  func (r *Result) Assert(t assert.TestingT, exp Expected) *Result

                                    Assert compares the Result against the Expected struct, and fails the test if any of the expectations are not met.

                                    This function is equivalent to assert.Assert(t, result.Equal(exp)).

                                    func (*Result) Combined

                                    func (r *Result) Combined() string

                                      Combined returns the stdout and stderr combined into a single string

                                      func (*Result) Compare

                                      func (r *Result) Compare(exp Expected) error

                                        Compare the result to Expected and return an error if they do not match.

                                        func (*Result) Equal

                                        func (r *Result) Equal(exp Expected) cmp.Comparison

                                          Equal compares the result to Expected. If the result doesn't match expected returns a formatted failure message with the command, stdout, stderr, exit code, and any failed expectations.

                                          func (*Result) Stderr

                                          func (r *Result) Stderr() string

                                            Stderr returns the stderr of the process as a string

                                            func (*Result) Stdout

                                            func (r *Result) Stdout() string

                                              Stdout returns the stdout of the process as a string

                                              func (*Result) String

                                              func (r *Result) String() string


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