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func Chartfile

func Chartfile(linter *support.Linter)

Chartfile runs a set of linter rules related to Chart.yaml file

func Dependencies added in v3.4.0

func Dependencies(linter *support.Linter)

Dependencies runs lints against a chart's dependencies


func Templates

func Templates(linter *support.Linter, values map[string]interface{}, namespace string, strict bool)

Templates lints the templates in the Linter.

func Values

func Values(linter *support.Linter)

Values lints a chart's values.yaml file.

This function is deprecated and will be removed in Helm 4.

func ValuesWithOverrides added in v3.3.0

func ValuesWithOverrides(linter *support.Linter, values map[string]interface{})

ValuesWithOverrides tests the values.yaml file.

If a schema is present in the chart, values are tested against that. Otherwise, they are only tested for well-formedness.

If additional values are supplied, they are coalesced into the values in values.yaml.


type K8sYamlStruct

type K8sYamlStruct struct {
	APIVersion string `json:"apiVersion"`
	Kind       string
	Metadata   k8sYamlMetadata

K8sYamlStruct stubs a Kubernetes YAML file.

DEPRECATED: In Helm 4, this will be made a private type, as it is for use only within the rules package.

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