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type StructField

type StructField struct {
	Index     []int
	Name      string
	Anonymous bool
	Tag       reflect.StructTag

	Type TypeAndCanAddr
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (StructField) IsExported

func (sf StructField) IsExported() bool

type TypeAndCanAddr

type TypeAndCanAddr struct {
	Type types.Type
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func PtrTo

func (TypeAndCanAddr) CanAddr

func (t TypeAndCanAddr) CanAddr() bool

func (TypeAndCanAddr) Elem

func (t TypeAndCanAddr) Elem() TypeAndCanAddr

func (TypeAndCanAddr) Field

func (t TypeAndCanAddr) Field(i int) StructField

func (TypeAndCanAddr) FieldByIndex

func (t TypeAndCanAddr) FieldByIndex(index []int) StructField

func (TypeAndCanAddr) Implements

func (t TypeAndCanAddr) Implements(ityp *types.Interface) bool

func (TypeAndCanAddr) IsArray

func (t TypeAndCanAddr) IsArray() bool

func (TypeAndCanAddr) IsInterface

func (t TypeAndCanAddr) IsInterface() bool

func (TypeAndCanAddr) IsPtr

func (t TypeAndCanAddr) IsPtr() bool

func (TypeAndCanAddr) IsSlice

func (t TypeAndCanAddr) IsSlice() bool

func (TypeAndCanAddr) IsStruct

func (t TypeAndCanAddr) IsStruct() bool

func (TypeAndCanAddr) Key

func (TypeAndCanAddr) Name

func (t TypeAndCanAddr) Name() string

func (TypeAndCanAddr) NumField

func (t TypeAndCanAddr) NumField() int

func (TypeAndCanAddr) String

func (t TypeAndCanAddr) String() string

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