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Package gcimporter provides various functions for reading gc-generated object files that can be used to implement the Importer interface defined by the Go 1.5 standard library package.



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func FindPkg

func FindPkg(path, srcDir string) (filename, id string)

FindPkg returns the filename and unique package id for an import path based on package information provided by build.Import (using the build.Default build.Context). A relative srcDir is interpreted relative to the current working directory. If no file was found, an empty filename is returned.

func GetExportData

func GetExportData(r io.ReadSeeker, b []byte) ([]byte, error)

func IImportData

func IImportData(fset *token.FileSet, imports map[string]*types.Package, data []byte, path string) (_ int, pkg *types.Package, err error)

IImportData imports a package from the serialized package data and returns the number of bytes consumed and a reference to the package. If the export data version is not recognized or the format is otherwise compromised, an error is returned.

func Import

func Import(packages map[string]*types.Package, path, srcDir string, lookup func(path string) (io.ReadCloser, error)) (pkg *types.Package, err error)

Import imports a gc-generated package given its import path and srcDir, adds the corresponding package object to the packages map, and returns the object. The packages map must contain all packages already imported.


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