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Package lint provides abstractions on top of go/analysis. These abstractions add extra information to analyzes, such as structured documentation and severities.



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func ExhaustiveTypeSwitch

func ExhaustiveTypeSwitch(v interface{})

ExhaustiveTypeSwitch panics when called. It can be used to ensure that type switches are exhaustive.

func Markdownify added in v0.2.0

func Markdownify(m map[string]*RawDocumentation) map[string]*Documentation


type Analyzer added in v0.2.0

type Analyzer struct {
	// The analyzer's documentation. Unlike go/analysis.Analyzer.Doc,
	// this field is structured, providing access to severity, options
	// etc.
	Doc      *Documentation
	Analyzer *analysis.Analyzer

Analyzer wraps a go/analysis.Analyzer and provides structured documentation.

func InitializeAnalyzers

func InitializeAnalyzers(docs map[string]*Documentation, analyzers map[string]*analysis.Analyzer) []*Analyzer

InitializeAnalyzers takes a map of documentation and a map of go/analysis.Analyzers and returns a slice of Analyzers. The map keys are the analyzer names.

type Directive

type Directive struct {
	Command   string
	Arguments []string
	Directive *ast.Comment
	Node      ast.Node

A directive is a comment of the form '//lint:<command> [arguments...]'. It represents instructions to the static analysis tool.

func ParseDirectives

func ParseDirectives(files []*ast.File, fset *token.FileSet) []Directive

ParseDirectives extracts all directives from a list of Go files.

type Documentation

type Documentation struct {
	Title string
	Text  string

	TitleMarkdown string
	TextMarkdown  string

	Before     string
	After      string
	Since      string
	NonDefault bool
	Options    []string
	Severity   Severity
	MergeIf    MergeStrategy

func (*Documentation) Format added in v0.3.0

func (doc *Documentation) Format(metadata bool) string

func (*Documentation) FormatMarkdown added in v0.3.0

func (doc *Documentation) FormatMarkdown(metadata bool) string

func (*Documentation) String

func (doc *Documentation) String() string

type MergeStrategy added in v0.3.0

type MergeStrategy int

MergeStrategy sets how merge mode should behave for diagnostics of an analyzer.

const (
	MergeIfAny MergeStrategy = iota

type RawDocumentation added in v0.3.0

type RawDocumentation struct {
	Title      string
	Text       string
	Before     string
	After      string
	Since      string
	NonDefault bool
	Options    []string
	Severity   Severity
	MergeIf    MergeStrategy

type Severity added in v0.2.0

type Severity int

Severity describes the severity of diagnostics reported by an analyzer.

const (
	SeverityNone Severity = iota

type VersionFlag

type VersionFlag int

func (*VersionFlag) Get

func (v *VersionFlag) Get() interface{}

func (*VersionFlag) Set

func (v *VersionFlag) Set(s string) error

func (*VersionFlag) String

func (v *VersionFlag) String() string


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