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Published: Sep 9, 2020 | License: BSD-3-Clause | Standard library
Path Synopsis
cfg Package cfg holds configuration shared by the Go command and internal/testenv.
cpu Package cpu implements processor feature detection used by the Go standard library.
fmtsort Package fmtsort provides a general stable ordering mechanism for maps, on behalf of the fmt and text/template packages.
lazyregexp Package lazyregexp is a thin wrapper over regexp, allowing the use of global regexp variables without forcing them to be compiled at init.
lazytemplate Package lazytemplate is a thin wrapper over text/template, allowing the use of global template variables without forcing them to be parsed at init.
nettrace Package nettrace contains internal hooks for tracing activity in the net package.
obscuretestdata Package obscuretestdata contains functionality used by tests to more easily work with testdata that must be obscured primarily due to
oserror Package oserror defines errors values used in the os package.
poll Package poll supports non-blocking I/O on file descriptors with polling.
profile Package profile provides a representation of and methods to encode/decode/merge profiles in this format.
race Package race contains helper functions for manually instrumenting code for the race detector.
reflectlite Package reflectlite implements lightweight version of reflect, not using any package except for "runtime" and "unsafe".
singleflight Package singleflight provides a duplicate function call suppression mechanism.
syscall/windows/registry Package registry provides access to the Windows registry.
syscall/windows/sysdll Package sysdll is an internal leaf package that records and reports which Windows DLL names are used by Go itself.
testenv Package testenv provides information about what functionality is available in different testing environments run by the Go team.
testlog Package testlog provides a back-channel communication path between tests and package os, so that cmd/go can see which environment variables and files a test consults.
unsafeheader Package unsafeheader contains header declarations for the Go runtime's slice and string implementations.
xcoff Package xcoff implements access to XCOFF (Extended Common Object File Format) files.