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package runtime

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type Runtime

type Runtime struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Runtime is the main entry point to the Mixer runtime environment. It listens to configuration, instantiates handler instances, creates the dispatch machinery and handles incoming requests.

func New

func New(
	s store.Store,
	templates map[string]*template.Info,
	adapters map[string]*adapter.Info,
	defaultConfigNamespace string,
	executorPool *pool.GoroutinePool,
	handlerPool *pool.GoroutinePool,
	enableTracing bool,
	namespaces []string) *Runtime

New returns a new instance of Runtime.

func (*Runtime) Dispatcher

func (c *Runtime) Dispatcher() dispatcher.Dispatcher

Dispatcher returns the dispatcher.Dispatcher that is implemented by this runtime package.

func (*Runtime) StartListening

func (c *Runtime) StartListening() error

StartListening directs Runtime to start listening to configuration changes. As config changes, runtime processes the confguration and creates a dispatcher.

func (*Runtime) StopListening

func (c *Runtime) StopListening()

StopListening directs Runtime to stop listening to configuration changes. It will not unload the current configuration, or close the existing adapters.

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