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package secret

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const (

	// CASecret stores the key/cert of self-signed CA for persistency purpose.
	CASecret = "istio-ca-secret"
	// CertChainID is the ID/name for the certificate chain file.
	CertChainID = "cert-chain.pem"
	// PrivateKeyID is the ID/name for the private key file.
	PrivateKeyID = "key.pem"
	// RootCertID is the ID/name for the CA root certificate file.
	RootCertID = "root-cert.pem"
	// ServiceAccountNameAnnotationKey is the key to specify corresponding service account in the annotation of K8s secrets.
	ServiceAccountNameAnnotationKey = ""

func BuildSecret

func BuildSecret(saName, scrtName, namespace string, certChain, privateKey, rootCert, caCert, caPrivateKey []byte, secretType v1.SecretType) *v1.Secret

BuildSecret returns a secret struct, contents of which are filled with parameters passed in.

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