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func DefaultAPIResourceConfigSource

func DefaultAPIResourceConfigSource() *serverstorage.ResourceConfig

func NewCustomResourceDefinitionHandler

func NewCustomResourceDefinitionHandler(
	versionDiscoveryHandler *versionDiscoveryHandler,
	groupDiscoveryHandler *groupDiscoveryHandler,
	crdInformer informers.CustomResourceDefinitionInformer,
	delegate http.Handler,
	restOptionsGetter generic.RESTOptionsGetter,
	admission admission.Interface,
	establishingController *establish.EstablishingController,
	serviceResolver webhook.ServiceResolver,
	authResolverWrapper webhook.AuthenticationInfoResolverWrapper,
	masterCount int,
	authorizer authorizer.Authorizer,
	requestTimeout time.Duration,
	minRequestTimeout time.Duration,
	staticOpenAPISpec *spec.Swagger,
	maxRequestBodyBytes int64) (*crdHandler, error)


type CRDRESTOptionsGetter

type CRDRESTOptionsGetter struct {
	StorageConfig             storagebackend.Config
	StoragePrefix             string
	EnableWatchCache          bool
	DefaultWatchCacheSize     int
	EnableGarbageCollection   bool
	DeleteCollectionWorkers   int
	CountMetricPollPeriod     time.Duration
	StorageObjectCountTracker flowcontrolrequest.StorageObjectCountTracker

func (CRDRESTOptionsGetter) GetRESTOptions

func (t CRDRESTOptionsGetter) GetRESTOptions(resource schema.GroupResource) (generic.RESTOptions, error)

type CompletedConfig

type CompletedConfig struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (CompletedConfig) New

func (c CompletedConfig) New(delegationTarget genericapiserver.DelegationTarget) (*CustomResourceDefinitions, error)

New returns a new instance of CustomResourceDefinitions from the given config.

type Config

type Config struct {
	GenericConfig *genericapiserver.RecommendedConfig
	ExtraConfig   ExtraConfig

func (*Config) Complete

func (cfg *Config) Complete() CompletedConfig

Complete fills in any fields not set that are required to have valid data. It's mutating the receiver.

type CustomResourceDefinitions

type CustomResourceDefinitions struct {
	GenericAPIServer *genericapiserver.GenericAPIServer

	// provided for easier embedding
	Informers externalinformers.SharedInformerFactory

type DiscoveryController

type DiscoveryController struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewDiscoveryController

func NewDiscoveryController(crdInformer informers.CustomResourceDefinitionInformer, versionHandler *versionDiscoveryHandler, groupHandler *groupDiscoveryHandler) *DiscoveryController

func (*DiscoveryController) Run

func (c *DiscoveryController) Run(stopCh <-chan struct{}, synchedCh chan<- struct{})

type ExtraConfig

type ExtraConfig struct {
	CRDRESTOptionsGetter genericregistry.RESTOptionsGetter

	// MasterCount is used to detect whether cluster is HA, and if it is
	// the CRD Establishing will be hold by 5 seconds.
	MasterCount int

	// ServiceResolver is used in CR webhook converters to resolve webhook's service names
	ServiceResolver webhook.ServiceResolver
	// AuthResolverWrapper is used in CR webhook converters
	AuthResolverWrapper webhook.AuthenticationInfoResolverWrapper

type UnstructuredObjectTyper

type UnstructuredObjectTyper struct {
	Delegate          runtime.ObjectTyper
	UnstructuredTyper runtime.ObjectTyper

func (UnstructuredObjectTyper) ObjectKinds

func (UnstructuredObjectTyper) Recognizes

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